Resident Evil 2 Remake

February 18, 2019 - Games
Resident Evil 2 Remake

Are you ready for a modern rendition of one of the eeriesthorror games of its time? The 1998 classic has been remade from the ground upand it is an absolute marvel of a game, appropriately called Resident Evil 2Remake! Although it must be said that it is not one for the faint of heart!

The Real Feel

The game runs on the same engine as the highly successful Resident Evil 7. However, Capcom managed to get even more out of it both in terms of the graphics and the sound effects! At no point in gaming history have zombies ever felt so real! The blood will get pumping once you hear the footsteps closing in! They will sure lead to an attack, so get ready!

New Look

The Resident Evil 2 Remake introduces a new outlook in the series. Here you will find a new third-person, over the shoulder camera view which was switched from the first person looks that were found in previous games in the franchise! This allowed for some unique and ingenious development decisions that you have to try out for yourself!

Get Immersed

The game is already out, therefore there is nothing holdingyou back from trying your own hand in a game that is bound to stay in historyas one of the scariest, best horror games to ever be released!