February 28, 2019 - Games

Before diving intothe action in the upcoming id Software release, take a dive into the game thatstarted it all – Rage! The apocalypse has left the world unrecognizable, onlythe strongest have managed to survive. Unfortunately, they aren’t quitefriendly! To make things worse, there is a price tag on your head, so everyoneis out to end your life! Can you make it out alive?

The Capabilities

The game runs on an id Tech 5 engine which allows for thevast open world to be there, paired up with great graphics for its time, manycharacters, guns, and objectives! So boot up Rage and enjoy the best that 2011had to offer, you will surely be pleasantly surprised!


It is not all about shooting in here! Vehicles play a largerole in the game, as you will often need to get behind the wheel to make yourway across the world, complete races, and explore!