PayDay 2

February 28, 2019 - Games
PayDay 2

PayDay 2 is a cooperative FPS game that teaches every player a valuable lesson. Hard work, constructive planning, bald bravery, and a little bit of ingenuity pays off! And that is exactly what you’ll do in this game. Pick your target, gather intel, create a heist plan, put on your lovely mask and initiate. You’ll love it when things go according to a plan, however, this game provides plenty of circumstances for which you simply cannot come prepared.

The job lists

PayDay 2 is not a one trick pony type of a game. The title offers a whole array of different heists to partake in. From handling drugs to bank robberies, and there’s even a job that asks you to acquire some nuclear warheads… sounds challenging? Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t. Honestly, it all depends on the combination between your skill and your nerve, the sharper the better.

It’s all about the cover

The original PayDay was loved and adored for many reasons, oneof these is of course the inventive and ingenious masks used to hide youridentity from the unwanted attention. PayDay 2 also stresses the importance ofsecrecy, and as such you’ll have even more masks and clothing to choose from!  It’s much easier to live a peaceful life aftera successful heist if there’s no wanted status with your face flying allaround.