Overcooked 2

February 28, 2019 - Games
Overcooked 2

It’s highly recommended to play through this one with a friend or two by your side. First of all, Overcooked 2 is tons of fun. Second, the game is entertaining beyond belief, you can never know what’s going to happen next. And third, it’s a sequel to an Indie game with the same title, Overcooked, and while the first game had tremendous success, its successor does succeed it! This time immerse in the chaotic kitchen nightmares and fight against the zombie army of bread to save the Onion Kingdom!

Featured changes

While Overcooked was a blast, Overcooked 2 only shows what the previous game was actually lacking. Furthermore, the present game not only shows what was lacking, the game includes these features with precision and perfection! For example, the throw button is completely overhauled, and boy what a change does that make to the whole gameplay! Throw the salads into the air, into the burners, onto the cutting boards, or straight at your companion’s hands! However, that doesn’t you will stop running all around the kitchen like a maniac!

Modern kitchen…

Overcooked 2 also offers some of the wildest kitchens you’veever had the pleasure to visit. If the first game’s facilities werechallenging, with this one, they are completely nuts! Parts of your environmentmay disappear entirely, a portal to the nether realm may appear out of theblue, everything may end up on fire in seconds and there’re a bunch of other twistsand turns for which you simply cannot prepare in-advance! And that’s only amere beginning of the awaiting challenges!