No Man’s Sky

February 21, 2019 - Games
No Man’s Sky

No Man’s sky is a game that is a perfect combination ofendless space exploration, action, and survival unlike anything seen in gamingbefore. While the game may not have been an instant success, it’s 2019 and ithas been 3 years since it was first released, however, now it is better thanever due to constant updates by the developers!


You start off in an unknown planet right after yourspaceship has crashed. Thankfully, you remained unscratched, but your ship is awreck and in order to make your way out you need to collect all the resources requiredin order to fix the ship! Once done, No Man’s Sky opens up a whole new world ofexploration, as every door in the universe is open for the player!

No Limitations

You won’t be forced into a linear storyline in this game,instead, you can do as you please! You find what suits you best and what bringsyou the most fun and continue on doing so! The game was created with a purelove for gaming and it shows, after all, buying a game is about treatingyourself, and this is quite the treat for anyone looking for exploration!