Need for Speed

February 28, 2019 - Games
Need for Speed

Is racing in your blood? Do you get excited by the smell ofburning tires? Only choose a car by how high can it rev? There is a game outthere that is just right for you! What else but Need for Speed of course!  EA has decided not to add anything else tothe name for the 22nd release in the franchise! Developed by GhostGames, this game is everything we’ve ever loved about the franchise!

Roam The Streets

One of the best features in the earlier Need for Speed gameswas the ability to just drive around town, without partaking in any races,hitting up your favorite body or performance shops, or simply driving in laps aroundthe streets. Needless to say, it returns for another spin, this time in thestreets of the West Coast. Race your way up the ladder in Ventura Bay to becomea man of legend, the greatest underground racer of all time!