Monster Hunter: World

February 28, 2019 - Games
Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter has been one of the most popular franchises in Japan for decades, and with Monster Hunter: World game you can now experience the series in their full glory! Immerse in a World much like our own, however, very different as well. The New World presents a complicated and challenging ecosystem which you’ll be forced to tame! Prepare for an adventure of a lifetime, as you are one of the Monster Hunters, and this World offers plenty for a hunter.

Monsters vs hunters

First, Monster Hunter: World is an endearing experience! The lush green jungle and forests hide more than a few secrets to uncover. Second, by traversing this wonderous place you’ll face challenges which before only existed in the realm of your imagination. How do you feel about dragons and wyverns? Because this game presents an environment infested with dragons and wyverns! Furthermore, it’s you that’ll have to face them head-on!

Scaling RPG experience

The Monster Hunter: World game works like this: you start offwith little experience, little knowledge, and a fairly lacking skill. You startfrom the smaller prey, gradually you get stronger and stronger. You obtain new weapons,armour, and gear and you aim for a bigger pray. Soon enough you’ll findyourself fighting enormous predators that, by their looks, should zap you in aninstant. But that’s far from the case. The New World is yours to conquer if youare willing to try.