Metro: Exodus

February 19, 2019 - Games
Metro: Exodus

Feel a lack of action in your life? Zombies in games don’t excite you any longer? The usual firearms are already too familiar and don’t surprise you with their recoil and loading patterns any longer? There might be a game that would solve these as well as many other of your gaming problems in an instant. The new Metro: Exodus release developed by 4A Games will replace your concerns with new levels of excitement, thrill, and the factor of the unknown!

It’s the third game in the Metro series; the two previousbeing Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light. The predecessors to Metro: Exodus werequite amazing, they brought upon a post-apocalyptic world where radiation hasovertaken the surface, and the only relatively safe place for the humanity wasthe underground metro tunnels. For the last two games you went in and out ofthem fighting terrible mutated beings as well as other humans along the way,and it was awesome.

The third piece, Metro: Exodus, extends the narrative further. We have the same protagonist Artyom, however, he’s all grown up and manned-up now. The third title is much more open, it offers immense freedom of choice. But with great freedom comes great responsibility. You’ll travel further down to the east, and face monsters you didn’t expect to exist. For that, you’ll need to create make-shift weapons of utmost ingenuity, and the in-game crafting is more than suitable for it.

Prepare for the biggest adventure in the Metro franchise yet.Begin your Metro: Exodus journey!