LEGO: The Hobbit

February 28, 2019 - Games
LEGO: The Hobbit

Traveller’s Tales is a game development company that issolely responsible for creating dozens upon dozens of legendary adventures. Oneof their main traits is that their games take place in a LEGO universe, theyalso usually provide stories from the most popular movie franchises in theworld! LEGO: The Hobbit is no different! A prime example of how an actionadventure does not have to be dark and eerie to be great!

You watched them, nowplay as them

The cast in this game is one for the ages! Thorin, BilboBaggins, and of course, the legendary Gandalf await in the game and are only afew of the main characters in a thrilling storyline, where they go out on a questwith a goal of getting back control of Lonely Mountain. Can you aid them inyour journey? If you think you can, you better be ready for all the dangersthat await in LEGO: The Hobbit as well. Trolls, Orcs, and other mythical beastswill continue to pose threats, whether or not you can handle them remains to beseen!