Killing Floor 2

February 28, 2019 - Games
Killing Floor 2

Tripwire Interactive presents Killing Floor 2. It’s an intense action FPS game that is sure to calm your thirst. Immerse in a fictional setting where continental Europe as you know it is no more. The zombified creatures have overtaken the surface, and they come by the hundreds, nay, by the thousands! You play as one of the survivors, and you sure as hell don’t plan to stay underground and hide until the very end of your life. It’s much better to fight, to resist, and possibly, to win.

The Blood and the gore

No one said it’s going to be pretty, and it sure won’t be. Killing Floor 2 is brutal in every meaning of the word. The specimen clones come at you charging at full speed, and you are raining them down with the latest-tech firearms like it’s the rainy season. And in fact, it is the rainy season, only it rains in blood here. Prepare emotionally, mentally, and physically, as this game will challenge every aspect of your being to the very limits. Failure is not an option here, unless being torn apart limb by limb doesn’t sound like a problem.

Hero mode or strategic cooperation?

If you are not the type to trust your life upon others, KillingFloor 2 got you covered. Enter the playground as a one-man army where you canonly depend on your own skill, as there’s just you and the monsters. And if youthink that walking alone into this mayhem lessens the potential number ofzombies that you could strike down, join 5-others. If you do the maths right,the six of you can take ten times more of these freakish mutants. If you don’t trustin maths, at least trust in your comrades!