Just Cause 4

February 27, 2019 - Games
Just Cause 4

Avalanche Studios didn’t sleep on their Just Cause 3 laurels and because of it, now we have Just Cause 4. It’s an ultimate action adventure game with cinematic-like graphics, never-ending fast-paced action, thrilling explosions, and a vast freedom in an immense open-world setting. Granted with all these, the game also offers a captivating storyline and such gameplay mechanics that are admirable, to say the least.

New Challenges

In Just Cause 4 game our favourite agent Rico Rodriguez enters the unforgiving setting of Solis, South America. The environments are as captivating as they are challenging. Traverse through an unbelievable 1024 km2 playground and face extreme weather conditions, vertical landscapes, and so far, the most advanced enemy platoon in the series. Just Cause 4 also presents an awesome antagonist to fight against, prepare for Gabriela Morales, she’s not the type you could joke with.

All About Entertainment

The whole Just Cause 4 game is like a continuous action-scenefrom a Michael Bay’s movie. Even though the director had nothing to do with thegame’s development, the quality of mass destruction does resemble his works.Glide with your wingsuit, use your grappling hook, wield numerous vehicles, tryout an arsenal of modern-tech weapons and more. If you are looking for a gamethat would entertain you for days, this one’s a winner by a large margin.