Hitman 2

February 27, 2019 - Games
Hitman 2

Agent 47 is back in action! The story continues and there’s work to be done. New targets, new opportunities, mysterious Shadow Client and same old assassination subtilities. IO Interactive made sure that their Hitman 2 game would look and feel as precise, sharp, and constructive as possible. Prepare to immerse in a world of unfairness, deceit, and lies. Everything that surrounds you is a lie, everything except your interest. Everything except killing.

Setting and Gameplay

Hitman 2 offers an unprecedented sandbox experience. The game offers full assassination package. Will you accept it? The amount of content this game provides instantaneously forces you to awe. Traverse through six distinct assignments, each with its own unique challenges and twists. Gather intel, select your outfit, choose a location suitable to score a killing hit and off you go. Be creative, creativity pays off!


Hitman 2 nature can surprise in a few ways. First, an unprecedented and thrilling campaign is awesome. Second, the game’s replayability value is something else entirely. You can literally spend hours upon hours of wandering around the locations – soaking in everything that the setting has to offer. After you are well-familiar with your surroundings, immerse in the bad-guy elimination business. After all, it’s a form of entertainment like no other on the market. Become a true artisan of the craft because this game provides the tools!