Hearts of Iron IV

February 27, 2019 - Games
Hearts of Iron IV

Dive into the action in the most infamous conflict of alltime. Even though there is no way to showcase the cruelty that took placeduring the World War 2 in a video game, Hearts of Iron IV comes pretty close toreplicating the different types of action that took place during the period. Theaction is graphic and crazy, however, strategy is most important, as should bethe case in a game of this genre!

No Limits For Action!

You might be used to battles on land by now, however, thistime they take place in air and water as well! You will have to learn to adapt tothe environments if you want to come out on top. After all, the losers of massivewars have not been treated too well throughout history, make sure you’re notone of them in Hearts of Iron IV!

Change The Course ofHistory

You can play either as a leader of the major countries inthe war, trying to come out on top, or one of the smaller countries,unintrigued by the war and doing whatever it takes to survive. Whatever is thecase, you will have to fight against the odds to overcome the course of historythe way it’s meant to be!