February 25, 2019 - Games

Whether you call it soccer or football is irrelevant, whatmatters is the player getting the best possible experience and FIFA 19 definitelydoes not fail to deliver! Two teams,11 players each, and only one winner, that’s what the game is all about and thegaming community now has a chance to dive head-first into the thrilling sportsgaming action!

What to expect?

All the best features rom previous games in the legendaryfranchise are there, the graphics and mechanics are improved for a better feelas well! However, there are new features in the game too! You will get topartake in the prestigious UEFA Champions League tournament where you findmatches spanning across the Europa League, Super Cup and the iconic ChampionsLeague!

The Journeycontinues!

You will find the last chapter in The Journey trilogy here,appropriately called Champions. Take control of an array of characters in thestory mode and make your way through their intertwined stories as you play!