Farming Simulator 19

February 21, 2019 - Games
Farming Simulator 19

Want something relaxing? Want something immersive, amf something that would surprise you? Farming Simulator 19 is just the type of game you need. Developed by Giants Software and published by Focus Home Interactive this game presents an all-out farming experience! One that city-grown folks may not even have had an opportunity to feel-out. The game carries striking quality visuals, immense attention to detail, and a whole bunch of farming activities to partake it!

City Life No More!

Farming Simulator 19 is your opportunity to leave your city life behind, even if for a moments-time! Explore everything that the out-of-the-city life offers. Learn to drive the latest tech farming vehicles (this title has the widest variety in the series so far)! Grow crops, a whole bunch of different kinds of them, attend animals, sell your gatherings, and receive a vast profit! The game also features shifting year seasons, day & night cycle, and various random occurrences. It’s just like in real life!

Horse Travel!

A bit more about those Farming Simulator 19 animals. You can tend for pigs, cows, chickens and a bunch of othe animals, but with horses – you can do more! For example, you can prepare your four-legged friend and stroll around your lands and enjoy the sunset! All in all, experience the full beauty of your farm! If without trying Farming Simulator 19 you think it isn’t your thing, you might miss on one of the most relaxing and immersive of experiences released this year. The game is even promised to appear on the eSports scene, so expect the unexpected!