Far Cry Primal

February 27, 2019 - Games
Far Cry Primal

You may know Far Cry series from their intense FPS action adventure games. But this time Ubisoft has managed to capture that exact feeling even when the setting would suggest otherwise! Far Cry Primal takes the player to a trip 12,000 years into the past, and the feel that you are playing one of the Far Cry games is well intact. Begin your journey in an era where sabretooth tigers and mammoths were running the show, and you are but a primitive being trying to survive.


Even though the style of the Far Cry Primal can’t really afford to let you wield the latest-tech firearms, in exchange you get quite a few other welcoming features. Firstly, experience brutal and realistic close quarter melee-based duels. Daily battles against primitive locals and untamed animals are, to say the least, expected. However, the fact that you can tame these beasts is an incredibly nice touch. The primitive era narrative is also immersive, and unique beyond words (heh).


Far Cry Primal will cast you as a hunter named Takkar. Takkar belongs to a fractured Wenja tribe. Your goal throughout the game is to rebuild the tribe and bring it to the position of power. You’ll have to face two other tribes, the Udam and the Izila. When you’ll defeat their Leaders your campaign will be completed. Immerse in this era and experience everything the game has to offer.