Far Cry: New Dawn

February 25, 2019 - Games
Far Cry: New Dawn

It is time to follow up on the events that shook the gaming world in the standout Far Cry 5. Years have passed and the world looks quite different, yet it is not free of issues by any stretch. Thus, Far Cry: New Dawn came along to continue the war for supremacy in the beautiful state of Montana. This time, you face off against new enemies in an environment of Hope County that has changed significantly since you last visited!

Strive for survival

After living under the ground for more than a decade, the environment has changed significantly. You either learn and adapt or go back under, this time in a wooden coffin. Build a base, fortify your surroundings, team up with others that share your view and use modern technologies to help you survive in Far Cry: New Dawn. This world has a lot to offer, you need to take the chance and run with it!

Now in co-op

You won’t have to be alone in your journey, as you can nowbe joined by a friend! This doubles the fun in gaming as well as helps toovercome the obstacles at hand as long as you work together in a fight against theHighwaymen