Far Cry 5

February 27, 2019 - Games
Far Cry 5

The mountainous Montana lands of the never-ending blue sky are all yours to experience. Immerse into an intense experience that offers extraordinary gameplay and one of the best narratives throughout the series. There’s a cult, there’s an antagonistic cult leader, and there’s a post-apocalyptic scenario up ahead, can it get any better? Assume the role of a nameless junior sheriff and take on Far Cry 5.

Joseph Seed

Far Cry 5 action-adventure FPS presents an antagonist of the century. Meet Joseph Seed, a cunning, powerful, and charming persona. Alongside him stands a bunch of loyal followers whom you’ll definitely get to meet. Also, through your attempts to stop the cult, you’ll meet his siblings, two brothers and a sister. Expect a whole lot of action and craziness. Cultists are the worst enemy you’ve had the opportunity to face, and only by playing will you see why.


So far, Far Cry 5 is one Ubisoft’s prime gems, and there’sno argue in it. It’s a standalone successor to its prequel games that presentsa whole bunch of new mechanics, an array of awesome weapons, new vehicles, tonsof options for customization and more. And if that’s not enough to suit your germanetastes, the game supports a co-op play! Both you and your friend can now witnessthe supreme power of the cultist preacher.