Fallout 76

February 25, 2019 - Games
Fallout 76

Prepare for one more post-apocalyptic wasteland’s exploration with the newest Bethesda Games Studios release, Fallout 76. This open-world adventure, for the first time in the series, offers entirely multiplayer experience as well as the earliest ‘end-of-times’ timeline ever! The bunker, or the vault, that has been your protector, open a little more than 20-years after the explosions! What you’ll find in this shattered world, and what unfamiliar dangers lie ahead? What you yourself expect? Answer these and many other questions today!

Familiar, Yet Different!

Fallout 76 presents you a familiar yet different kind of experience. Expect the unexpected with this one. Being the earliest in the post-apocalyptic explorations, this game presents a setting which you’re very likely to recognize. Your surroundings were affected by nuclear devastation, but not by the trials of time. 20-years is just a fraction of time, however, it’s still plenty for the new lifeforms, and new dangers to rise from the ashes of the old-world!

Adapt and Learn!

The Fallout 76 game presents numerous changes to the already familiar mechanics, however, some of your favourite aspects are well-intact as well. S.P.E.C.I.A.L. character creation window is back but perks are no longer permanent and are interchangeable throughout the game. The slow-motion feature is out, instead, you are now able to target specific body parts of your foes. Crafting and bodily concerns are once again detrimental parts of the gameplay! Adapt and learn as with the new C.A.M.P. system, your constructed base will only be present whenever you-yourself are online!