February 28, 2019 - Games

When it comes to shooting game franchises, they don’t getany more legendary as DOOM. It was brought back to life by id Software foranother run at the top of the top of FPS elite in 2016 and has firmly held itsspot there since! Everything you loved about the game in the early 2000’s ishere, topped off with stunning graphics and a modern gaming engine to boot!

Immersive Campaign

New game, new campaign, and as per usual with id, it is quite the experience! The action is relentless, not providing the player with even a minute to rest up! Take a vast array of guns and ammo in your hands and start firing, before the enemy fires at you! In this case, violence is a solution!


Such action-packed games as DOOM have always made for bestmultiplayer experiences, thankfully, this game has a multiplayer mode too! Jumpinto a multiplayer arena and shoot it out in violent affairs against otherplayers!