Dead by Daylight

February 21, 2019 - Games
Dead by Daylight

Not your standard multiplayer

You may be used to going into fierce battles in multiplayerwhen there is the same number of players in each team. Dead by Daylight is NOTone of such games! Not even close! Instead, the game has one fierceplayer-controlled hunter that is out to get the remaining 4 players! Do notexpect any remorse!

Never the same game!

Every time a new game starts, a new map is generated. This meansthat your environments will never be the same, so even if you are a master ofthe game, there will always be new surprises in the wings!

Player Progression

There is a proficient player progression system that awaitsyou will make sure to reward you for the hours you put in! Plenty of skills anditems are bound to be unlocked that will allow the player to tailor-fit theirgameplay to best suit a personal playstyle!

Multiple Characters

You will have the chance to choose your character from avast list in Dead by Daylight! Whether you play as a killer or as the survival,there are many choices that have varying skillsets created to provide more varietyto the game! Can you master them all?