Dark Souls 3

February 28, 2019 - Games
Dark Souls 3

From Software is known for their in-game cruelty against a player. The talk is not about the graphics, nor is it about the mechanics of their games. it’s the extreme difficulty that their games present – this factor captivates a tremendous number of players all throughout the globe. Dark Souls 3 is yet another proof about From Software’s dedication to deliver a piece so challenging that once you’ve played through it, there’s little left to say.

Death is but a new beginning

From Software developers are dedicated believers of the Soulsborne genre’s charm. Soulsborne genre follows a trial and error, which is basically: try, fail, die… think about your mistakes, learn, return, and try once more. Dark Souls III is driven by this logic, and only the fiercest, most-skilled, and most patient warriors will complete this game. Another special thing about this action-adventure RPG is the amount of satisfaction it generates. By dying you learn.

RPG at its finest

Dark Souls III is an adventure RPG, and as such the storylinehere is unprecedented. It captivates with dark atmosphere, gloomy mood, and asense of evil always behind your back. Choose your class, gear up, select your weapon,and enter this world both desirable and frightening. You are the hero of thestory, but that does not mean you are in some way protected from death. Howeverit’s true – death is but a new beginning for you.