February 25, 2019 - Games

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, also known as CS: GO is one hell of a game. Valve Corporation have published the game nearly 7-years ago and it’s still rock solid. Immerse in the extreme first-person team-multiplayer shooter action. Compete against the fiercest and most professional players on the scene. Make your own path to glory, as this shooter is an unrepeatable gem on the eSports scene as well.

Team-based Action

CS: GO is a team-based game, and individual skill are only as important as the overall team’s level. Your weakest member is your weakest link, so grow stronger together! Two teams face one another in a deadly objective-based deathmatch. Thrilling terrorists vs. counter-terrorists action is a guarantee, are you willing to participate? The stakes are high, but the rewards are even bigger.

Choice and Strategy

Even though CS: GO is far from the newest releases, the gameoffers vast array of weapons, and utilities. The game offers four purchasable weaponcategories, and one category for utilities. Each of the guns offer differentproperties, and each of the grenades have different effects. The weapons andstrategy are based on personal preference, as well as the choice of a map. Thegame also offers a steep learning curve, and it’s understandable: the formathas been here for quite some time, and new players may need to spend quite sometime in order to catch-up!