Civilization 6: Gathering Storm

February 25, 2019 - Games
Civilization 6: Gathering Storm

Civilization 6 is one of the best strategy games in theindustry right now, however, even the best games sometimes need to be pamperedand improved or updated. Firaxis felt like it was just about time for their gemto get a few tweaks and additions and have come up with Civilization 6: GatheringStorm, an extension to the original game that provides a plethora of new features!

New features

This new expansion will allow the players to come up withnew projects and take their building and engineering projects to a whole newlevel. Create dams, tunnels, canals, unleash a plethora of new technologies andtake your gaming experience to the 21st century!

As you may well know by now, the game features a distinctsystem in politics, and it is expanded even further in Civilization 6: GatheringStorm. Become allies with neighboring states, communicate with world leaders,become a master in diplomacy, and outthink your opposition instead ofoutpowering them!

Top all of that off with many new technologies, naturalwonders, leaders, and more and you get an expansion that is all about takingthe gaming experience to new heights!