Battlefield V

February 19, 2019 - Games
Battlefield V

This is the fifth release to what is now referred to as the legendary shooter series. EA Games developed Battlefield V once again surprises the fans throughout the world with unprecedented quality, immense intensity, fast-paced action! Of course, immersive, and ultra-realistic WW2 setting is also a nice addition. The developers went hard with this one! The game has multiplayer modes to pray upon, and a single-player campaign that might even force you to shed a tear or two.

A bit more about the multiplayer modes. You, without a single doubt, will fall into them and won’t be able to find your way out. Why? Because a way-out isn’t even your concern! The Battlefield V multiplayer, literally, offers it all! Partake in a 64-player deathmatch. Siege and protect your zone. Fight alongside your teammates in a team Vs. team clashes! And, of course, survive to be the last in the long-awaited battle royal mode!

Battlefield V continues with its quality and detail advancements. As such, the WW2 setting has never before looked so devastating, shocking, and brutal as it does in this piece. As far as the gameplay mechanics are concerned, everything runs as smooth as you’d expect. Character animations are unprecedented, such movements as rolls, vaults, slides, climbs, crouches, and jumps look as natural as it gets. If that’s not enough, Battlefield V brings numerous vehicles into the picture as well!

And that’s far from everything!