February 26, 2019 - Games

When it comes to simulated reality and war, there’s but a few games that could compare to what ARMA 3 brings. Bohemian Interactive released this game almost 6-years ago. And this military-multiplayer open-world war simulation is still stunning. To this day the game surprises players with intense action, an unprecedented choice variety, and thrilling simulative war experience!

The X’s & the Y’s

First, ARMA 3 offers a map as far and wide as it can get. The game’s Mediterranean Island terrain stretches for up to 290 km2! Second, the setting offers literally everything from the rocky terrain, to forests, to rolling hills and even modern-expansive cities! Third, the game has two islands, Altis and Stratis. These are the two dynamic worlds which you, as a player, will be able to explore thoroughly!

Single Player & Multiplayer

While ARMA 3 is one of the finest multiplayer sandbox simulative experiences you’ll ever witness. The game also offers a captivating and beyond belief immersive single player mode! In this mode assume the role of Ben Kerry, a soldier caught up between an emerging war! Experience the three gameplay episodes first-hand: Survive, Adapt, Win! There’s even a multiplayer form, known as ARMA 3 Zeus. In it, Game Master can influence the flow of the battle in real-time!

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