February 25, 2019 - Games

The long awaited action adventure is finally out, there isno reason to keep on holding back, so dive right into the action in a BioWare.Here you will play as a freelancer out and about in a dire, unforgiving world that you findwithin the game of Anthem!

You’re not alone

Why go out of your way trying to prove something by yourlonesome if you can join others on your quest! You will team up with 3 otherplayers in every quest you take up on! After all, you will need all the helpyou can get once you start taking on massive boss battles as you try to reapthe rewards and showcase your fearless spirit!

The driving force

Anthem is powered by Unreal Engine, which is one of the bestengines going to date! The only thing you have to worry about now is if yourgaming platform has got the chops to pull off all the capabilities that thegame offers up! This game has everything you may need for an amazing gamingexperience, it is now upon you to go out and enjoy it!