World Quests

September 5, 2016 - Esports

Any longtime World of Warcraft player is painfully aware of daily quests. You go to a camp, gather up all the blue exclamation point quests and then trudge through the zone, completing them all for miniscule rewards in order to grind out some barely-useful reward. Well, that’s going to be a little bit different in World of Warcraft: Legion.

Once you reach 110, you will be able to unlock a feature which is called World Quests. To do that, you will need to be Friendly with all Broken Isles factions. If you leveled properly and without rushing, which often required to rely on what’s politely called “clever use of in-game mechanics”, you should already have it taken care of for all factions except for one. The last missing link is found in Suramar, the endgame zone of Legion. After doing the quest line in the zone, you will become Friendly with them and unlock World Quests while also gaining a healthy chunk of Artifact Power.

Once the feature is unlocked, you will be able to see World Quest exclamation points all over the Broken Isles map. Different from the usual daily quests, you won’t have to go to a hub, collect the quests and then carry them out. Instead, you will have total freedom to look at the map, find the ones you wish to do, plan your route and travel around the Broken Isles, helping out.

The World Quests will award you with gear, Artifact Power, and various other things, as well as reputation with a specific faction. If you find something that a faction Quartermaster has for sale but it requires better standing with his overlords, feel free to spam their World Quests, of course. Yet, you can also choose not to do it. Total freedom. Okay, not total. There is one kind of World Quest you should do a lot of – the ones which reward Artifact Power. With your Weapon having a lot to do with your strength, maximizing your AP gain is a great idea.

To be honest, World Quests seem to be a great way to coax players out of leaving Dalaran, to encourage them to explore the world. In this way, they are almost like Pokemon GO. Whether you like to further your professions, grind reputation, or maximise your Artifact Power for raiding purposes, there should be something for you to do in this system. It seems to be a vast improvement over the usual Dailies. Still, I worry what will happen when players get maxed out on rep and similar stuff. If Blizzard doesn’t scale the whole thing with player’s progress, it might lose the rewarding nature it can boast now. I hope it doesn’t happen because the idea is awesome.