Things Jon Snow Knows: LoL All-Star Teams Announced

November 9, 2016 - Esports

After the League of Legends season comes to a close following the World Championship, fans get to have a last hoorah, a light-hearted All-Star event, where fan favorites come together for the last event of the season to relax and have some fun together, entertaining fans along the way.

How are the rosters for each region decided? Fans vote for the players they want to see from each position. When selecting their favorites, fans can only pick two players from the same team to stop the whole of ROX Tigers + Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok from representing Korea, for example. Several regions are put together into two groups, Team Ice and Team Fire, which fight each other throughout the event in various fun competitions, like the 5v5 tournament, 1v1 Event, and Fun Matches.

Now, let’s see who was selected to represent each region.


Impact (Cloud9 Top Laner, 41.7% of the popular vote)

Reignover (Immortals Jungler, 36%, the guy responsible for teaching Dardoch how to get gud)

Bjergsen (Team SoloMid… Mid Laner, 66%, NA Faker, Burger King fan)

Doublelift (Team SoloMid AD Carry, who is on hiatus from the team at the moment, to focus on his bodybuilder career, 35%,)

Aphromoo (Counter Logic Gaming Support, also part of what was known as the Rush Hour Botlane of CLG with Doublelift, 55.3%)


Smeb (ROX Tigers Top Laner, thought to be the best in the world, 56.5%)

Bengi (Veteran SK Telecom T1 Jungler, 46.3%)

Faker (God, The Unkillable Demon King, SK Telecom T1 Mid Laner, 82.6%)

PraY (ROX Tiges AD Carry, 51.9%, if he doesn't play Twitch at least once…)

MadLife (The God of Hooks, CJ Entus Support, 47.4%)


Mouse (EDward Gaming Top Laner, 24.3%)

Clearlove (EDward Gaming Jungler, 49,6%)

We1less (LGD Gaming Mid Laner, 24.4%)

Uzi (Royal Never Give Up AD Carry, 51%, NRA plant, inserted into eSports to promote gun rights)

Mata (Royal Never Give Up Support, 34.5%. Likes to ask “Wat da mata?” while laughing like Teemo.)


sOAZ (Veteran Top Laner from Origen, the team which came 2nd in Spring and almost got relegated in Summer, 23.3%)

Jankos (H2K Jungler, Beast, 38.3%)

xPeke (Origen Mid Laner, doesn’t play and play AD Carry when he does, but let’s put him in Mid, all good European Mids are in NA anyways, 35.2%)

Rekkles (Fnatic AD Carry, the dude with hip hair, 43.1%)

Mithy (G2 Esports Support, 18.1%. YellOwStaR had 34.7% of the vote, but took pity on G2 and declined. That, or he’s busy heading the LoL department for Paris Saint Germain.)


Ziv (Ahq e-Sports Top Laner, 66.1%)

Karsa (Flash Wolves Jungler, 49%)

Maple (Flash Wolves Mid Laner, 48.6%)

Bebe (J Team AD Carry, 56.1)

Albis (Ahq e-Sports Support, 43.4%)

LCK, NA, and the currently unknown IWC team will represent Team Fire, while EU, LPL, and LMS will compete for Team Ice. Looking at the rosters, Team Fire seems stronger than Ice regardless of what the International Wild Card team turns out to be. NA probably has the best players in the region, LCK’s roster has 4 guys from Worlds Semifinals and the Hook God MadLife, while Team Ice is weighed down by the extremely disappointing Mouse from LPL, xPeke who hasn’t played for a long time and only got selected because fanbois. They do have Jankos, Rekkles, and Mithy, though.