The Ziggs Bot Nonsense Infects LCK

January 18, 2017 - Esports

AD Carries are in a very bad spot. Everyone knows this, everyone agrees, it’s a fact. While the job of the AD Carry is to kill tanks and bring down structures, they can’t do the former and have a hard time with the latter unless they somehow manage to survive the fight with one or more unkillable tanks coming for them, dealing more damage than they should. As a solution to this situation, a trend of Ziggs and some other Mages getting played instead of the ADC champion started in high elo and was quickly absorbed by Marksman mains in all ELOs.

Ziggs works as an AP building ADC replacement because of his Passive, which gives him damage against structures. A Ziggs can actually take a tower down almost as fast if not faster than most AD Carries. The biggest downside to the pick is that as an AP champion, Ziggs is worse against tanks; however, some other things more than make up for it. For example, Ziggs has amazing poke and wave clear, while also being able to slow and knock up people, together with a huge impact long range Ultimate.

When an AP champion is better in lane than most AD Carries and has his power spikes faster, professional players are sure to use it to their advantage. In their second game against Jin Air Green Wings, the three time World Champions SK Telecom T1 picked Ziggs Bot with Zyra Support. SKT won the game, Ziggs ended the game with a 7/4/8 score and 360 farm. This wasn’t a hard carry performance, of course, however, it shows that AP Carry Bot can work. To make sure they still had some AD damage, SKT picked themselves a Rengar and Poppy. Bae “Bang” Jun-sik bought Morellonomicon, Sorcerer’s Shoes, Lichbane, Void Staff, Luden’s Echo, and Seraph’s Embrace.

Of course, SK Telecom has a stacked roster, they even managed to make Seong “Huni” Hoon Heo play tanks. They would have won vs. Jin Air Green Wings no matter which champion they picked in the Bot Lane, however, this gives legitimacy to the pick in front of the last people who still doubted it. Now, every other team in the world has permission (as if they really needed it) to play this. AD Carry mains, who spent years and years getting better at right-clicking stuff, now have to figure out how to play a champion which was never a required part of their champion pool.