The Next CS:GO Major to be Hosted by ELEAGUE

September 28, 2016 - Esports

After several weeks of deliberations, the organizer, which is to host the next CS:GO Major, has been decided. While giants like MLG, DreamHack, and ESL threw their hats in, Valve decided to give a chance to Turner’s ELEAGUE.

The tournament will take place on January 22-29, in Atlanta. The first four days (22-25 of January) of the tournament will be played and broadcast from the Turner Studios, while the conclusion of the first Major in 2017 will be carried out at Fox Theatre, which seats more than 4,500 people. Of course, with the tournament being hosted by ELEAGUE, the Grand Finals will also be broadcast live on TBS.

Eight teams which are to take part in the tournament are already known because of their top 8 performance in ESL One Cologne 2016. Those are SK Gaming, Team Liquid,, Fnatic, Astralis, Flipsid3 Tactics, Natus Vincere, and Gambit. The remaining 8 spots will have to be filled through a Major Qualifier. The teams, which competed in ESL One Cologne, but didn’t make the Top 8, are already invited into this qualifier (Dignitas, NiP, mousesports, FaZe, CLG, OpTic, EnVyUs, and G2, if you were wondering. The final 8 teams to try and qualify in the Major Qualifier will have to make it there through Regional Minor Championships.

Those are the facts so far, we will update you when something new comes up, however, there’s one thing left to be talked about: the reason WHY Valve chose ELEAGUE to host the tournament instead of the numerous competitors, who expressed their wish to do it. The simple answer is that ELEAGUE has something nobody else can offer at the moments. That’s a live TV broadcast. Valve would be stupid to miss the chance to get their Major CS:GO Tournament on TV. Also, in less than a year, Turner’s shown itself to be a capable organizer, which can probably be trusted with an event of such importance.

With the way TV works, ratings are important. If you have access to TBS and watch professional CS:GO, do it on TV when it’s airing instead of the usual Twitch stream. The more successful we make the televised broadcasts, the more of them there will be. The more televised broadcasts, the more chance some poor schmuck who has no clue what eSports is accidentally stumbles upon it and gets curious, maybe becoming a lifelong fan, making eSports more of a success. Hell, you could watch on TV while also running a Twitch stream in the background with no sound. Watching the Major on TV is like voting in elections, you just have to do it.