The International 2016 Main Event Day 4 Preview

August 12, 2016 - Esports

In the first three days of The International 6 Main Event, an OG giant fell, the upstart EHOME got knocked down a peg, literally, Team Liquid finally stepped up against Newbee, the team which was ranked above them in some power standings before the tournament. What will happen on Day 4? Find out by reading this article.

As an advantage of making it deep into the tournament and managing to stay in the Upper Bracket, Wings and Evil Geniuses will be having a day of rest, while three matches will be played in the Lower Bracket, followed by an All-Star match to round out the broadcast.

The first match of the day will involve TNC Pro Team and Digital Chaos fighting for a chance to face EHOME in the Lower Bracket Round 4 match later the same day. I don’t know about you, but I’m rooting for Digital Chaos to win and move on. A rematch of the two upstarts from Group B would be much more exciting than TNC vs. EHOME. TNC DID win against OG, however, so it might be a hard match for DC.

Up next, we have Liquid trying to NOT end up like Alliance has, joining Newbee and OG amongst the favorite-to-win teams, which got eliminated early. Okay, Fnatic won against Alliance and Team Liquid seems to be having problems and displaying the same power, which allowed them to place second in the Manila Major. Still, I believe that Liquid can and WILL win this match. If not because they are the better team in The International 6, then because a match between them and MVP Phoenix would be way more hype-worthy than Fnatic vs. MVP.

Rounding out the tournament rounds, EHOME will face the winner of TNC vs. DC. As I mentioned above, I really hope that DC beats TNC and moves on to face EHOME once again. The last time the two teams played each other in the Group Stage Day 3,the matches were very good, with both teams going away with a convincing win each, implying that they are both of similar strength.

Finally, in the great tradition of regular sports, an All-Star Match will take place after EHOME finishes its match, providing viewers with a fourth match and showing off some crazy monkey business, Dota 2-style. Unless the players decide to take it serious. I would be extremely disappointed if they did. Entertain me, plebs!