The International 2016 Main Event Day 4 – EHOME Dream is Over

August 15, 2016 - Esports

Slowly but surely, the biggest tournament in Dota 2 history is drawing to a close. The fourth day of play had three Lower Bracket matches, determining the teams which were to advance to the Lower Bracket Final. With the stakes as high as can be, the was a lot of promise for some great Dota 2 matches.

TNC Pro Team vs. Digital Chaos

With the prize money almost doubling for the winner, this match was a big deal for both teams, especially when you remember, that they weren’t thought of as favorites to place high before the tournament.

In the first game of the best of three, TNC won against Digital Chaos with their Dazzle, Vengeful Spirit, Morphling, Batrider, and Drow Ranger. DC tried to stop them with a comp of Keeper of the Light, Tusk, Naga Siren, Dragon Knight, and Beastmaster, however, the Western team wasn’t very successful at it. The most troubling players for DC to deal with were Carlo “Kuku” Paud on Morphling with a score of 11/2/8 and Samson “Sam_H” Enojosa Hidalgo on Batrider with a 10/2/15 scoreline. Pushed forwards by the two leaders, TNC won the match in 39:30.

Seeking to rehabilitate themselves after the loss, DC completely changed their comp, playing Elder Titan, Ancient Apparition, Ember Spirit, Magnus, and Faceless Void. TNC picked up Silencer, Lich, Timbersaw, Axe, and Alchemist. Sam_H and Kuku were nowhere to be seen this time. Instead, the flashiest player in the game was Roman “Resolut1on” Fominok on Ember Spirit. He got 10 kills and 19 assists to only 2 deaths. The rest of Digital Chaos also did at least okay this time, resulting in a loss for TNC.

The deciding game was played with different team compositions once again. Sand King, Winter Wyrm, Slark, Mirana, and Dark Seer for DC and Vengeful Spirit, Disruptor, Alchemist, Terrorblade, and Faceless Void for TNC. In the final match of the series, Resolut1on showed up in a big way on Slark, however, David “Moo” Hull helped out on Dark Seer as well, so Resolut1on didn’t have to do everything alone.

Fnatic vs. Team Liquid

Despite their struggles, I still liked Team Liquid more to win this game, however, Fnatic have recently defeated Alliance, so I was a little bit worried, yet ignored it to keep my fantasies safe.

Luna, Shadow Demon, Ember Spirit, Undying, and Slardar were the champions Fnatic chose to start their first match against Liquid’s comp of Kunkka, Death Prophet, Rubick, Sand King, and Naga Siren. As it turns out, it was a very good choice, with Luna and Ember Spirit being especially successful, finishing the game with the scores of 11/1/19 and 14/2/15 respectively.

With Fnatic in the lead 1-0, the smell of an upset was dwelling in the year. To blow it out, Liquid banked on Ancient Apparition, Razor, Oracle, Axe, and Sven. Unfortunately for them, Fnatic’s Drow Ranger, Shadow Shaman, Queen of Pain, Undying, and Sand King seemed to work a little bit better, awarding Fnatic a great upset victory against Team Liquid. It wasn’t an easy match, however. It took 54:52 for Fnatic to finally win.

EHOME vs. Digital Chaos

Where there were two black horse teams at the top of Group B, there could only be one in the Main Event. Queue Highlander theme song. When DC and EHOME played each other before, it ended in a tie, 1-1. Now, there can be no such thing.

The first match didn’t actually take a long time, concluding in 31:52. EHOME unsuccessfully tried to use Sand King, Kunkka, Shadow Demon, Anti-Mage, and Razor to win against Digital Chaos’ Naga Siren, Elder Titan, Vengeful Spirit, Invoker, and Timbersaw. Resolut1on was the player who fed the most kills to EHOME on the DC roster. He died 3 times, getting 4 kills and 9 assists for it. The rest of the DC squad were even more hesitant to feed.

The second match, a comeback attempt in the same vein as the DC vs. EHOME match back in the Group Stage, was set up with the help of Nyx Assassin, Kunkka, Shadow Demon, Lifestealer, and Death Prophet from the EHOME roster. Digital Chaos thought that they stood the best of chance of winning by playing Ogre magi, Skywrath mage, Faceless Void, Mirana, and Timbersaw. Well, without dragging it out too much, DC was right. Resolut1on went of on Faceless Void (9/0/12), Aliwi “w33” Omar had a good game on Mirana (4/3/17), while Moo got 10 kills and 9 assists against 6 deaths on Timbersaw.