The International 2016 Main Event Day 3 – The Fall of EHOME

August 12, 2016 - Esports

With OG falling the day before and Newbee matched vs. Liquid, Main Event Day 3 was sure to provide some headlines because of pre-tournament favorites getting eliminated before people expected them to. Let’s talk about everything in order.

Lower Bracket Round 2

Alliance vs. Fnatic

Before the game started, I would have bet good money on Alliance quickly 2-0’ing Fnatic and moving on to fight stronger opponents. Was that what happened? Let’s find out, shall we?

The first match of the series took 63 minutes to be over. In the end, Alliance’s Mirana, Dazzle, Drow Ranger, Elder Titan, and Tidehunter fell short against Fnatic’s Sven, Shadow Demon, Storm Spirit, Bounty Hunter, and Slardar. Zheng “Miduan” Yeik Nai was especially good at slapping around Alliance on Storm Spirit which had a KDA of 15/4/16. He wasn’t the only one to do well, however. Chai “Mushi” Yee Fung also showed up on Sven, Djardel “DJ” Jicko Mampusti had a great game on Shadow Demon as well.

Alliance’s comeback attempt with Puck, Enchantress, Lifestealer, Rubick, and Nature’s Prophet went even worse against Fnatic’s Faceless Void, Mirana, Timbersaw, Witch Doctor, and Batrider. Mushi did great on Faceless void once again, DJ’s Mirana proved to be strong as well. The outcome of this match was surprising.. Before the matches started, I wouldn’t have expected Fnatic to win at all, without even mentioning that it only took two games. I guess the guys in orange are heating up.

Newbee vs. Team Liquid

The match between Newbee and Team Liquid was, without a doubt, the most hyped series of the day. Whatever the outcome, one of the teams which were expected to at least fight for a spot in the Grand Finals if not participate in them, was getting eliminated from The International 6.

The first match took 54 minutes. Newbee used their Shadow Demon, Batrider, Lifestealer, Nyx Assassin, and Naga Siren to great effect vs. Liquid’s Kunkka, Mirana, Keeper of Light, Sand King, and Ember Spirit to win the first match of the best of three series. Even though Chen “Hao” Zhihao had the most kills in the game at 11 with his Lifestealer, he still died 7 times. I don’t know whether I can honestly say that he did the best on Newbee. On Liquid, Adrian “FATA-” Trinks showed up on Mirana with 8/3/8, while Lasse “MATUMBAMAN” Urpalainen wasn’t that far behind.

Trying to avoid disaster following their defeat in the first match, Team Liquid picked up Undying, Mirana, Shadow Demon, Sand King, and Morphling. Newbee contested with Disruptor, Timbersaw, Juggernaut, Chen, and Batrider. On the side of Liquid, FATA- and MATUMBAMAN showed up once again. The former got 6 kills and 7 assists to 1 death on his Mirana, while the latter went off on Morphling with the score of 8/0/4. On the Newbee side, matters were much more grim. Only two players got kills, Hao and Wong “ChuaN” Hock Chuan, though Hao had 2 on Juggernaut, while ChuaN had to be happy with 1 on Chen. keeping in mind that the match lasted for 17 minutes, that’s not too surprising, I guess. Newbee got blown out of the water.

The final match of the series was played with immediate pressure of elimination set on both teams. Newbee chose to play Io, Timbersaw, Morphling, Shadow Shaman, and Batrider, while Team Liquid had Undying, Mirana, Shadow Demon, Axe, and Anti-Mage. The match took 36 minutes to conclude with Liquid as the winner. In the end, FATA- and MATUMBAMAN were the standouts on Liquid once again with 0 death games. FATA- had 9 kills and 14 assists on Mirana once again, MATUMBAMAN owned on Anti-Mage with 7 kills and 6 assists.

Upper Bracket Semi Finals

Wings Gaming vs. MVP Phoenix

Before the match started, I thought that it was extremely hard to tell which team was more likely to win it in the end. As it turns out, 2 games was enough to determine the team which went straight to the Upper Bracket Finals. SPOILER ALERT: It’s Wings Gaming.

The first match, taking 33 minutes to conclude, had Wings playing Drow Ranger, Queen of Pain, Puck, Warlock, and Io against MVP Phoenix’s Phantom Assassin, Oracle, Dark Seer, Invoker, and Earth Spirit. While MVP’s Kim “QO” Seon-yeob and Lee “Forev” Sang-don tried to hold back Wings’ advance with their 7/3/6 Phantom Assassin and Dark Seer, their opponents’ Drow Ranger and Queen of Pain proved to be too strong.

In the second match of the series, MVP remained faithful to their Phantom Assassin and Dark Seer from the previous composition, complementing them with Bounty Hunter, Ursa, and Spirit Breaker. Wings Gaming picked up Juggernaut, Batrider, Faceless Void, Elder Titan, and Disruptor to combat their opponents and hopefully cement their progression to the next stage of the Upper Bracket. As it turns out, their plan was successful, as Wings Gaming won the game in 36:39 on the back of their 14/2/16 Juggernaut and 10/2/22 Faceless Void. This time, only Forev on Dark Seer had a decent KDA on MVP Phoenix, with the recent of the team feeding out of their minds.

EHOME vs. Evil Geniuses

With the surprising rise of EHOME as one of the best teams laying at The International 6, every match becomes a matter of whether they will finally get shut down or not. While not the best, Evil Geniuses still stood a good chance of stopping EHOME. Did they succeed? You’ll just have to read on and find out!

The first match between the two teams was, to put it very bluntly, long as fuck, taking 75 minutes to finish. Evil Geniuses ran a comp of Ancient Apparition, Mirana, Faceless Void, Shadow Demon, and Axe against EHOME’s Beastmaster, Ogre Magi, Warlock, Timbersaw, and Juggernaut. Keeping in mind the length of the game, the most awe-inspiring thing about it was Syed Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan’s performance of Mirana. He had a score of 20/5/19. With all EHOME players having 10 or a little bit fewer deaths, their performance was a bit lacking. Still, at least they didn’t die as much as EG’s Clinton “Fear” Loomis on Axe. 14 deaths is never okay, guys. Needless to say, Evil Geniuses won the match, going 1-0 against EHOME.

The second match of the series was nowhere near as long, lasting 38 minutes. EHOME went with Axe, Earth Spirit, Warlock, Timbersaw, and Mirana, taking the last game’s MVP champion away from SumaiL. EG answered with Shadow Demon, Medusa, Faceless void, Ogre Magi, and Drow Ranger. In this game, SumaiL went off once again, this time on Medusa with a KDA of 13/4/15. This time, there was no punching bag imitator on EG, five deaths was their max. EG won the match once again, knocking EHOME out of the Upper Bracket and moving on to the Upper Bracket Finals, where they will have to face Wings Gaming.