The International 2016 Main Event Day 3 Preview

August 10, 2016 - Esports

With the excitement from Day two of The International 6 Main Event, where Newbee got knocked to the the Lower Bracket by Evil Geniuses and OG was eliminated from the tournament altogether, the most interesting matchup on Day Three will be the best of three duel between Newbee and Team Liquid in the Lower Bracket Round 2.

Lower Bracket

Newbee vs. Team Liquid

Both Newbee and Team Liquid were incredibly high ranked in power rankings prior to the tournament’s start, with some experts placing one or the other as the second or third best in the whole tournament after OG. Unfortunately, power rankings do not account for the team’s form at the exact moment when the going gets tough, showed by OG’s elimination from The International 6. Sadly, after the teams are done playing, there will only be one of them left to face the winner of the Alliance vs. Fnatic match. I like Liquid as an org over various eSport titles like League of Legends and CS:GO, as well as Dota 2, so I would like to say that Liquid should win this match, yet… I can’t, honestly. The teams played in the same Group. Newbee made it into the Upper Bracket and Liquid didn’t. While Newbee lost to the seriously overperforming EG in the Upper Bracket, Liquid won against Na’Vi, which was trailing behind at the bottom of the standings for most of the Group Stage. No, I think that Newbee might win. That won’t mean that Liquid is a bad team, however. It’s more likely the case that something isn’t clicking during this tournament.

Alliance vs. Fnatic

Determining the opponents for the winner of the Newbee vs. Team Liquid match, Alliance will face the arguably weakest team left in the whole  tournament. If they lose, I will be extremely surprised at first and then I will laugh. Long and hard. Sadly enough, it won’t happen, however. As much as I could use a good laugh, it’s probably not in the cards in this instance. Alliance simply seems better than Fnatic in this tournament and their results, third in Group A, only lost to EHOME, speak much louder than Fnatic’s.

Upper Bracket

EHOME vs. Evil Geniuses

Now, getting into the thick of things, the overperformers from both Group A and B will face each other to determine which team will have to drop down to the Loser’s Bracket and which will go on to the Upper Bracket Finals to fight for their spot in the Grand Final of The International 6. I fully realise that I’m a victim of the almighty hype train when I say this, however, I hope that EHOME wins. The story if they won the tournament would be amazing. They are certainly playing well enough to do it, too. EG CAN fight them on even ground, however. I just hope they don’t. Hype train, choo choo!

MVP Phoenix vs. Wings Gaming

Quietly, both the fourth place teams of both groups are still in the running to get to the Upper Bracket Final, when their more successful opponents, OG and DC, are not. It’s very hard to call this match, to be honest. Without even pretending to have any clue which team will win, so, speaking completely subjectively, I would have to say that I’m rooting for MVP Phoenix. Whichever team wins, however, I will be happy and content with the result. Especially when it’s likely that the games themselves will be very good.