The International 2016 – Main Event Day 2 Preview

August 9, 2016 - Esports

Upper Bracket Quarter Finals

After the slight upset brought upon OG’s head by MVP Phoenix on Monday (to recap, MVP Phoenix won the series 2-1 and dropped OG into the Lower Bracket, where they will have to win the rest of their matches to make it into the finals with no safety net provided by your position in the Upper Bracket), EHOME will face Alliance and Evil Geniuses will try to repeat what MVP did to upset Newbee.

The match between EHOME and Alliance is hard to call. Both squads are of somewhat similar strength, with Alliance having a slight edge in theory, however, EHOME is bringing the thunder in the tournament so far, getting a tie against Team Liquid, and sweeping Team Secret,as well as MVP Phoenix. Yeah, you can talk about teams’ strength all you want, however, at the end of the day, in-game performance matters the most. And you cannot deny that EHOME is performing in this tournament.

The next matchup I’d like to look at is Evil Geniuses vs. Newbee. Before The International 6 started, Newbee was called the second or third best team in the world by analysts in various Power Rankings. Evil Geniuses weren’t. Instead, they were thought to be a middle of the pack team, only to exceed expectations, taking second place in Group A, just behind OG. With that said, i don’t think that they can actually defeat Newbee. Take one game? Sure. Give them a hard time over the other two games in the series? Sure. Win the whole best of three? No. If they do win, I will just have to congratulate them on their outstanding play. Anything can happen.

Lower Bracket Round 2

The matches in the Lower Bracket are condensed from what they were on Monday, yet potentially, there will be six games played instead of the 4 of yesterday, if both series get taken to game three in order to decide who wins.

The first match I’d like to look at is OG vs. TNC Pro Team. When the organisations played each other in the Group Stage, OG came out a victor after both games. Still, TNC Pro Team might actually have learned something after these games or figured out the problems they had at the time, allowing them to possibly win a game, to bring the match to three. Even though they might manage to do that, I don’t believe they will actually succeed at bringing down the best Dota 2 team in the world. After all, TNC is not MVP Phoenix.

Up next, the proud second place holders from Group B, Digital Chaos, will face LGD Gaming. Digital chaos got dropped to the Lower Bracket after losing their Upper Bracket Quarter Finals series to Wings Gaming in three games. On the other side, LGD made it to Lower Bracket Round 2 after dropping Team Secret from the tournament. Digital Chaos’ extraordinary performance in Group Stage notwithstanding, I would say that both teams are of around the same strength and potential. Expect an exciting 3 game series. I am rooting for Digital Chaos. I love an underdog story and a final between EHOME and Digital Chaos would make a great one.