The International 2016 Main Event Day 1 Overview

August 9, 2016 - Esports

After three days of play in the Group Stage of The International 6, eight teams went through the sieve of competition into the Upper Bracket, which guaranteed them $300,867, while another eight found themselves too weak, having to fight in best of one, earning $100,289 if they lose.

From Group A, OG, Evil Geniuses, Alliance, and Wings Gaming made it into the Upper Bracket, while Group B contributed with EHOME, Digital Chaos, Newbee, and MVP Phoenix. After matching the teams up according to standings in their group, OG will play against MVP Phoenix, Digital Chaos will face Wings Gaming, EHOME will try to dominate Alliance, and Evil Geniuses will have to try and win against one of the best teams in the world, Newbee.

In the match between OG and MVP, I would have to expect OG to win the best of three match to drop MVP into the Lower Bracket. Wings vs. DC is a hard match to call, though I expect that DC will fall short despite their great form in Group Stage. Beating a top 5 team in the world probably requires more than Digital Chaos has in terms of skills and grit, unless Wings keep underperforming just like in Group Stage. I doubt it, after all, the Main Event is do or die and they shouldn’t be fans of dying. While I said that DC will fall short, I don’t think that it’s EHOME’s fate at this moment, simply because their opponent is Alliance, a slightly weaker team than Wings Gaming. The final match of the Upper Bracket for the day between EG and Newbee should end decisively in Newbee’s favor if there’s any logic in the world. If not… I might have to facepalm a little bit. With a brick.

In the Lower Bracket, TNC will face Vici Gaming Reborn, Team Secret will play against LGD Gaming, Fnatic will try not embarrass themselves by losing to Escape Gaming, and Na’Vi will play Liquid.

If there was logic in the world, TNC should win against VG.R, however, TNC did lose some games they had no business losing in the Group Stage, so you can never know. Team Secret vs. LGD… I hope that Secret will win, but they don’t seem to be playing too well, going 2-8 over the final two days of Group Stage, so I might have to call a win for the Chinese LGD team. Fnatic vs. Escape Gaming will not be about Fnatic or Escape winning. Instead it’s framed as “Will Fnatic manage to NOT lose?” I think that they will, however you can never know for sure. Finally, the most important match of the Group will have Na’Vi trying to match wits with the disappointing Team Liquid team. If Liquid were taking a break with $200,000 on the line, it’s time to turn on the jets and take off. If they were actually trying but lost anyway, well, they might actually lose to Na’Vi, which would be… sensational. The second or third best team in the world, finishing in 13-16th place in the biggest tournament of the year? That would be interesting. I hope it doesn’t happen, though.