The International 2016 Main Even Day 5 – Phoenix to Ashes, Wings Trump Evil

August 17, 2016 - Esports

With The International slowly but surely coming to a close, the number of matches left to play is shrinking as well. With each match being completed, the stakes of the remaining ones become bigger and bigger.

Lower Bracket Round 4

MVP Phoenix vs. Fnatic

Fnatic went quite far in the tournament, despite being tested by some very good teams. MVP Phoenix, however, looked to be one of their hardest trials to date. Fnatic weren’t afraid, they weren’t skittish. They were determined to succeed, and succeed they did.

In the first match of the best of three series, Fnatic picked up Tinker, Crystal Maiden, Slark, Bounty Hunter, and Sand King. MVP Phoenix tried to play against Fnatic’s comp with Slardar, Ogre Magi, Dark Seer, Timbersaw, and Lich. It didn’t go well for them. Like, at all.

In the 47+ minutes long game, Fnatic’s Tinker, Slark, Bounty Hunter, and Sand King had a KDA of over 10. On the other side, none of MVP’s players had more kills than deaths. Sad.

The second match of the series started with MVP running Mirana, Ogre Magi, Faceless Void, Sven, and Oracle, against Fnatic’s Medusa, Shadow Shaman, Juggernaut, Riki, and Slardar. While the match took 54 minutes for Fnatic to win and their players didn’t have performances as dominating as seen in the first game, they won nevertheless. As a result, MVP Phoenix, one of the higher rated squads prior to the tournament, was knocked out of the running for the title.

Upper Bracket Finals

Wings Gaming vs. Evil Geniuses

One of the most exciting teams in the whole tournament, Wings Gaming, faced off against Evil Geniuses for the right to play in the Grand Final of The International. The matchup was supposed to be close with a small advantage for Wings.

The first game of the series started with Wings Gaming trying to set themselves up for victory by picking a comp of Razor, Timbersaw, Tidehunter, Enigma, and Rubick, against Evil Geniuses’ Skywrath Mage, Sand King, Weaver, Io, and Anti-Mage. While the game wasn’t a slaughter fest by any means, Wings did show off their strength more, with 2+ KDAs all around. Syed Sumail "SumaiL" Hassan and Saahil "UNiVeRsE" Arora tried to carry their team, but they seemed to be too heavy.

Game two had Evil Geniuses going all out in an effort to have a chance to compete in the Grand Final. They picked a comp of Winter Wyvern, Alchemist, Night Stalker, Ogre Magi, and Mirana. UNiVeRsE tried hard on his Night Stalker, getting 5/1/1, however it wasn’t enough against the Wings Gaming freight train of Huskar, Medusa, Beastmaster, Elder Titan, and Shadow Demon. The second game of the series lasted almost 24 minutes. After that, Evil Geniuses’ Ancient fell and Wings moved to the Grand Final.

Lower Bracket Round 5

Digital Chaos vs. Fnatic

Having defeated MVP Phoenix to start off the day, Fnatic were looking to keep their streak going against Digital Chaos, one of the dark horses of the tournament.

For the first game, Fnatic picked Mirana, Shadow Shaman, Phantom Lancer, Kunkka, and Legion Commander against Digital Chaos’ Slardar, Keeper of the Light, Slark, Ursa, and Dark Seer. Unfortunately, the game didn’t go as planned for Fnatic Even though the game lasted 49 minutes, so they weren’t blasted out of the sky, Digital Chaos did win convincingly, with their Slark and Ursa putting up especially great performances.

The second match, where Digital Chaos picked Kunkka, Shadow Demon, Chaos Knight, Invoker, and Beastmaster, didn’t go well for Fnatic’s Huskar, Io, Ember Spirit, Elder Titan, and Faceless Void. The top performer on DC was Aliwi "w33" Omar on Invoker, with 23 kills and 13 assists for 4 deaths. Nobody else on either team even came close to w33’s performance. Needless to say, Fnatic lost, getting knocked out of the running, though they managed to hold off DC for a while, only losing at 47:52.