The International 2016 – Group Stage Day 3 Standings – Group A

August 9, 2016 - Esports

After the second day of Group A was over, Evil Geniuses, OG, Wings Gaming and TNC were set to start the Main Even in the Upper Bracket, however, there will still four matches against two teams left to play. If you want to find out how the Group Stage turned out in Group A on day three, read on.


OG was in the second place after Evil Geniuses when the second day concluded. The two opponents left to play against for OG were TNC Gaming and Natus Vincere. If OG wanted to clinch the first place spot in their group, they had to get all four points and how that Evil Geniuses stumble. Well, half of the plan was successful, as OG was the only team through both groups to 4-0 their opponents.

Evil Geniuses

With OG coming for their spot in the standings, Evil Geniuses had to win their matchups against LGD and Alliance. It didn’t go as planned, however. Everything started well when EG won their first game against LGD, but then, their opponents took a win. 1-1 is a decent score but not what Evil Geniuses needed to stay ahead of OG, especially when they won both games against TNC. Even though the plan already crumbled somewhat, Evil Geniuses experienced a disaster when Alliance 2-0’ed them, making their overall score of the day a miserable 1-3. When OG 2-0’ed their next opponent, EG had to say goodbye to their first place in the group.


One man’s loss is another’s gain. At least that’s how it seems when looking at the rise of Alliance and the fall of Evil Geniuses. Before matches on day three started, Alliance what in fifth place with a score of 5-5. They started the day out with a defeat, provided by their friendly neighborhood Escape Gaming, and won the second game to go 1-1 against the dark horse of the group. It went much better against Evil Geniuses, however. With a 2-0, Alliance had an 8-6 scoreline, which was enough to put them in the third place.

Wings Gaming

Trying to keep their spot in the Upper Bracket, Wings Gaming had their work cut out for them with matches against Natus Vincere and LGD Gaming. Their plans almost crumbled when Wings lost two games against Natus Vincere. With their final games set to be against the strong LGD team, which was underperforming on the day, Wings Gaming had to win. Fortunately, they managed to win both matches against their opponents and stay in the top 4 of their group.

TNC Gaming

After day two, TNC was just barely in fourth place with Alliance nipping at their heels with the same score. To get as high as they possibly could, TNC had to win against OG in their first series of the day. Unfortunately for them, OG proved to be too strong and TNC lost both matches of the series. Their last match of the Group Stage had Escape Gaming waiting for them. Needless to say, TNC 2-0’ed them and took 5th place in the group. They could have gotten higher with a win or two against OG, but you can’t hold losing against that team against them.

Natus Vincere

Before the Group Stage started, Na’Vi were probably aiming higher than the second to last place they were occupying before matches started on day three. Making the best out of a bad situation, Natus Vincere upset Wings Gaming 2-0. Unfortunately, their last opponent was OG. They lost 0-2, as was supposed to happen. Still, even with a 2-2, they did get out of the 7th place in the group, occupying the 6th when the dust settled after Day Three.

LGD Gaming

With a disastrous day two, where they lost all four of their matches, LGD were looking to redeem themselves against EG and Wings Gaming. Unfortunately, it didn’t go according to plan. LGD lost their first game against EG, then won the second. A tie was an acceptable result against the top team of the group, yet their next opponent,Wings, promised to be hard to defeat. As it turns out, dem promises were true. Wings won both games and made LGD drop to the seventh place, only ahead of the free point team of the group, Escape Gaming.

Escape Gaming

With no real chance of getting out of the last place, Escape had a somewhat chill day ahead of them, however, that didn’t mean that they weren’t going to try and upset some people. In their first match of the day against Alliance, they did just that. Even though they lost the second game of the day, Escape still took a bite out of their opponent. Their final two matches against TNC weren’t as successful, however. They promptly lost 0-2 and had to be content with the last place in the group.