The International 2016 Group Stage Day 3 Overview

August 5, 2016 - Esports

The third day of the Group Stage for The International 6 will begin today. Once the dust settles after all 16 teams, sorted into two groups, finish fighting each other, we will know which teams will have a slightly easier track to the title through the Upper Bracket and which will be made to play for five days, with two losses meaning the elimination from the tournament.

Group A

Coming into the third day of competition, Evil Geniuses, OG, Wings Gaming, and TNC, together will Alliance, were the teams closest to making it into the Upper Bracket. In day three, Evil Geniuses will play Alliance and LGD Gaming, OG will face TNC and Na’Vi, Wings Gaming will play Na’Vi and LGD, while TNC and Alliance will also have to play against Escape Gaming.

I have a suspicion that Evil Geniuses will manage to keep their top spot, while OG should have no trouble keeping their number 2 spot. While normally Wings should be able to take care of Na’Vi and LGD, it will require their recent upswing in performance to continue. Finally, I don’t think there’s a scenario where TNC and Alliance manage to lose to Escape.

Group B

Finally, the two surprise leaders of the group, EHOME and Digital Chaos, will face each other. EHOME will also play Vici Gaming Reborn, while Digital Chaos will have to contend with the strangely struggling Team Liquid. Liquid will also have to play Team Secret. Also, Newbee will have to win matches against MVP Phoenix and Team Secret to recover their honor. Finishing up the list of matches to be played today, Vici Gaming Reborn and MVP Phoenix will play against Escape Gaming.

In the match between the leaders, I have no clue who will come out ahead. I would say EHOME, but a tie is also extremely likely. Going by performance in The International and not preconceived notions, EHOME should also take out Vici Gaming Reborn, while DC at least ties or even wins 2-0 against Team Liquid. What TL shouldn’t have problems with is the mightily struggling Team Secret. I hope that Newbee will manage to pick the four wins available to them against MVP and Team Secret. I would be sad if I had to look at them falling further, though I will be content as long as they make it into the Upper Bracket. Rounding up, Group B, I don’t see Fnatic winning a series against Vici Gaming Reborn or MVP Phoenix, though they might be able to get a tie with one of them.