The International 2016 – Group Stage Day 2 Standings – Group B

August 5, 2016 - Esports

Arguably even more interesting than Group A, Group B had some unlikely contenders stepping up to the plate in day one. Interestingly enough, it seems as if they held their ground in day two as well, making this group extremely fascinating. What happened? Read on to find out.


While this dark horse shared the number one spot with three other teams after the first day of play was over, it’s alone at the top now, going 6-0 during the second day of Group Stage. The teams EHOME beat weren’t pushovers either. They started by taking care of Team Secret, continued to win against MVP Phoenix, and then finished their trifecta by actually managing to defeat Newbee. While the first two could be explained by EHOME playing better than usual, beating Newbee required something extra special. Good on you, EHOME, for proving my scepticism unfounded.

Digital Chaos

One more surprisingly good performer from day one, Digital Chaos kept up their streak in day two as well. They started off the day lightly, with a matchup against the struggling Vici Gaming Reborn, which suffered from visa issues, losing their offlaner. Digital Chaos split points, 1-1. Then, matters took a more serious turn, when DC played Newbee. They won again. Not once, but twice. Looking at the narrative before the tournament, Newbee wasn’t supposed to be losing. There are two options, they either aren’t trying their hardest, thinking that Group Stage doesn’t matter much, or they are actually struggling. Whatever the case may be, I give full credit to Digital Chaos. Finally, the team finished up the day by getting two points off of Team Secret. While it would have been huge news before the Manila Major, it’s not so now, in my opinion.

Team Liquid

Continuing the trend from day one, Team Liquid, one of the favorites to win the group prior to the tournament,went even once again, keeping them in the upper half of the standings. While the result was the same, the journey was a little bit different, however. First, Liquid split matches against MVP Phoenix. Then, they lost to Vici Gaming Reborn, and defeated Fnatic. While Team Liquid lost a couple of matches, they also managed to win a series too, which is a somewhat promising thing.


Together with Team Liquid, Newbee is the biggest disappointment of the tournament so far. They were supposed to do very well, only having Liquid to contend with for the number one spot. Despite expectations, Newbee is stuck with a 5-5 score, which is especially surprising when you remember that they were 3-1 before the second day started. How did this happen? Well, Newbee won 2-0 against Fnatic and then completely dropped the ball against Digital Chaos and EHOME, losing 0-2 to both and adding to their almost guaranteed placements at the Top 2 of the group. To tell you the truth, I don’t understand what’s happening.

Vici Gaming Reborn

With their offlaner not able to play in The International 6 due to visa issues, VGR are using a substitute. That might be one of the reasons why their performance is falling a little bit short of expectations. Still, they are in fifth place with a 4-6 record at the moment and that’s not TOO bad, I guess. The team did well on the second day, so it looks to be on an upwards spiral, rising up from their 0-4 performance on day one. On day two, they tied with Digital Chaos 1-1, actually defeated Team Liquid, and then split with MVP Phoenix.  While not the best score of the second day of the Group Stage, outdone by EHOME’s 6-0 and Digital Chaos’ 5-1, it’s still the next biggest positive result.

MVP Phoenix

After 3 best of 2 matches, MVP Phoenix stayed in the same place they occupied before day one started. Unfortunately, that’s not a good thing, especially when you’re third to last and go 2-4. MVP split wins with Team Liquid, got swept by EHOME, which is kinda becoming expected, however weird THAT may be, and split once again by with Vici Gaming Reborn. If you wish to make it far into the most important tournament of the year, coming out even against a team which doesn’t even have its full roster is a Bad Thing. I hope MVP can step up to the plate and actually start pwning some noobs.

Team Secret

With a promising start on day one, Team Secret looked to be exceeding the somewhat low expectations fans put on them. Now, after day two of the Group Stage is over, shit’s bad, boys. Team Secret went 0-6, getting swept by all teams they played. The only other team to NOT get a single point in day two was Escape Gaming in Group A. Think about that. The Secret showing a similar result to Escape Gaming. As I said, it’s bad. Team Secret’s only saving grace is that they faced EHOME and Digital Chaos. Still, they had no business losing to Fnatic, which they did. Guys, I’m sad.


With Vici Gaming Reborn’s upswing in performance and standings, Fnatic is left as the worst team in Group B, with a score of 2-8. Having played against Newbee, Team Secret and Team Liquid, the guys in orange and black should be happy they managed to take some points at all at this point.