The International 2016 – Group Stage Day 2 Standings – Group A

August 5, 2016 - Esports

The first day of The International 6 Group Stage ended with some curious teams reaching high places in the standings after six matches, played against three of their seven opponents. After the second day, where teams played four more matches against two opponents, the standings changed a fair bit, with some unexpected high performers dropping down to places more expected of them and some rising to the occasion.

Evil Geniuses

Facing the definite outsider Escape Gaming and TNC, which, let’s be honest, isn’t thought to be a serious contender, Evil Geniuses had a comparatively easy day two in The International 6. They won against Escape quite easily, the first match took less than thirty, while the second – less than forty minutes. Against TNC, Evil Geniuses did have some trouble in the first game, which lasted seventy two minutes, however, they won, following up on their success by defeating TNC in the second game two and finishing the day with a 4-0 record, keeping their first place in Group A.


Following their 4-2 day one, OG kept going strong once again in day two. While it’s sad that they didn’t manage to 2-0 Wings Gaming, at least they got a point out of it. Following that match, they had to play against the worst-performing team in the group, Escape Gaming. In two reasonably short games, they brought the underdogs down and kept their Upper Bracket spot safe with a 7-3 record and second place in the group with two more best of 2 left to play.

Wings Gaming

After day one, Wings had a 3-3 record. Obviously they were looking to improve upon it to make it into that sweet Upper Bracket. Splitting with OG and 2-0’ing Alliance, they certainly succeeded, going 3-1 on day two. Taking a game off OG was an achievement, however, Wings Gaming beating Alliance was more or less expected, in my opinion.

TNC Gaming

In day one, TNC went 3-3 and repeated the same a day later, playing the leader of the group, Evil Geniuses and one of the three 4-2 teams from day one, LGD Gaming. As far as standings go, TNC faced some strong opposition in day two. While they weren’t strong enough to beat either of them 2-0, a tie still puts them in reach of a top 4 spot, which is all that matters. At least in this tournament, TNC Gaming is proving itself to be a solid middle of the pack team, which can take a match against anyone, yet has problems actually winning a series. While they probably won’t be fighting for a trophy, it will be interesting to see how far they go in the tournament.


One more team with a 3-3 record after day one, Alliance went 2-2 just as TNC did, though they did it by different means. Where TNC tied with two teams, Alliance won 2-0 against Na’Vi and lost 0-2 against Wings Gaming. Both outcomes are totally logical when you keep in mind the standings of the teams in this tournament, though Na’Vi should have at least taken a game off of Alliance by conventional wisdom.

LGD Gaming

One of the 4-2 teams after day one, LGD Gaming had a humongous fall from grace in day two, losing all four of their matches, two against TNC and even two against… Na’Vi, which is massively underperforming in The International 6. The whole second day of Group Stage was extremely unfortunate for LGD. Before it started, they were Top 4-bound, yet it all changed. They can still rise up the standings on day three, however, it will NOT be easy, as they will face Wings Gaming and Evil Geniuses.

Natus Vincere

Na’Vi’s second day in the Group Stage was quite good, to be honest. With a 2-4 record after day one, they were in a big slump entering into day two. Losing to Alliance, while a little bit of a slap in the face, wasn’t entirely unexpected at this point, however, the point banditry they got away with against LGD was a very welcome surprise for the CIS team. If they can continue the trend in day three, they might be able to get out of the standings dumpster they threw themselves into. Of course, they will have to play Wings and OG, so it’s not very likely, to be fair.

Escape Gaming

Poor Escape Gaming. I’m certain that this tournament will provide Escape with some great experience and even great memories, if only they manage to NOT get discouraged by the thrashing they go through most of the time. The team’s record is 1-9, after all. Still, for fairness’ sake, they did play against Evil Geniuses, the team, which dropped two points over two days, and OG, which is… well… OG. Can you really hold it against the Wild Card team that they lost? I don’t think so. Keep up your motivation, guys. You can get better.