The International 2016 Group Stage Day 2 Overview

August 4, 2016 - Esports

The second day of Group Stage, which is needed to seed the sixteen participating teams into the Upper and Lower Brackets of the Main Event. While the first day had the Group A teams playing six matches and Group B teams four, it will be reversed in the second day to even out the matches played before the third day, where all teams will play the same number of games to round out the Group Stage.

Group A

Starting with Group A, OG will play Wings Gaming, Na’Vi will go up against Alliance, LGD Gaming will try to stop TNC’s tie streak, and it will be Evil Geniuses’ turn to try and take the easy points from Escape Gaming. Then, Evil Geniuses will face TNC, OG will crush Escape or there will be salt on Reddit, Wings Gaming will play against Alliance, and Na’Vi will try to not lose against LGD.

The match between OG and Wings will show whether the somewhat disappointing result from Day 1 was a fluke or not. Alliance will either keep going by defeating Na’Vi and showing that their decent showing in Day 1 wasn’t just lucky or Na’Vi will get satisfaction for the unfortunate events from the day before.

Group B

The bigger chunk of the matches, played over in Group B, should also prove to be more exciting. First, Team Liquid will try to redeem themselves after Day 1 against a team that’s no pushover, MVP Phoenix. Then, Newbee will probably crush Fnatic, following with a serious test for EHOME, where they will play against Team Secret. Up next, Digital Chaos will try to extend their surprisingly good showing in The International against Vici Gaming Reborn.

The poor 0-4 team will then have to face Team Liquid. It’s sad, to be honest, because it’s quite likely that their beating will continue. That could get really demoralizing really quickly. Testing EHOME’s mettle, MVP Phoenix will try to beat them after that. Newbee will also be putting Digital Chaos through their paces at the same time, while Team Secret will face Fnatic.

Hopefully staying warm after their match against Fnatic, Team Secret will play against Digital Chaos, while EHOME will have to face Newbee. MVP Phoenix will probably take care of VGR, while Team Liquid will dismantle Fnatic at the same time.

To me, the day’s theme will be, “Let’s see if EHOME is the real deal or jumped up pretenders.” I say that because they will start (somewhat) easy with playing Team Secret, moving on to face MVP Phoenix and finishing it up with Newbee. Digital Chaos will also have their mettle tested against Newbee and Team Secret. I suspect that the standings will be significantly different once Day 2 of the Group Stage is over and done with.