The Emerald Nightmare – Il’gynoth Guide

September 15, 2016 - Esports

The second boss in the first wing of The Emerald Nightmare, Il’gynoth looks to be very complicated when simply looking at its abilities, however, in essence, the fight is quite simplistic.

Stage 1 – Abilities

Nightmare Corruption


Nightmare Corruption is basically blobs of… corrupted ground. If you stand on it, you will get silenced and pacified, while receiving 470,299 Shadow damage every 2 seconds. Nightmare Corruption is the result of you taking damage from other abilities in the fight.


In Heroic difficulty, the Nightmare Corruption functions in the same way, only dealing 658,824 damage every 2 seconds.


The only difference is the increased damage, to 888,905 this time.

The Eye of Il’ginoth

In Stage 1, players can’t damage Il’gynoth directly. Instead, you see his eye. Okay, I suppose you can, because damage the Eye takes is only reduced by 99%, but the fact still stands. Instead of being nuked by players, the Eye takes full damage from Nightmare Explosions, I will go into more detail about those later.

Nightmare Gaze


Nightmare Gaze is an ability the Eye of Il’gynoth uses on targets. It deals 464,140 Shadow damage on Normal difficulty.


The damage done by Nightmare Gaze is boosted to 650,676 on Heroic.


On Mythic, the ability deals 831,258 Shadow damage.

Nightmare Ichor

When you kill Forces of Corruption, called Nightmare Horror, Deathglare Tentacle, Corruptor Tentacle, or Dominator Tentacle, they spawn ads, called Nightmare Ichor after death, which have three abilities.

First of all, they Fixate on a target and goes for it, ignoring everything else.

Secondly, they attack you with melee attacks, leaving…

Touch of Corruption


After eating a melee attack from a Nightmare Ichor, you gain a stacking dispellable debuff called Touch of Corruption, which deals 61,524 Shadow damage every 2 seconds for 50 seconds.


The damage ticks are increased to 86,154 Shadow damage on Heroic.


On Mythic difficulty, the damage dealt by Touch of Corruption is massively increased. Now, the DoT will tick for 253,394 Shadow damage, per stack.

Nightmare Explosion

Remember when I said that the Eye of Il’gynoth can only be properly damaged by Nightmare Explosions? Yeah, it’s time to talk about that.


On Normal difficulty, Nightmare Ichors explode when killed, dealing 205,249 Shadow damage to nearby players, however, each exploding Ichor also takes away 5% of health from the Eye of Il’gynoth. So, to take it down and get into Stage 2, you will have to explode 20 Ichors. Just kite them to the Eye, burst them dead and get the hell out before the explosions kill you.


Presumably, the ads will have more Health for you to burst through, the explosions will deal 307,873 Shadow damage to anyone nearby and still only take away 5% of the Eye’s Health.


The Mythic difficulty is where things get hard. First of all, the explosions will deal 912,217 Shadow damage to anyone caught. Next, each explosion will only take away 4% of the Eye’s Health. Additionally, everyone in the raid will also take 230,350 Shadow damage every 2 seconds for 4 seconds for EACH explosion. This could be problematic, because while the usual tactic was supposed to be to facetank the Ichors until it gets a bit dicey, with the Healers dispelling the DoT the ads leave, bring a bunch of the ads to the Eye and AoEing them down to take a big chunk out of the Eye’s Health, the damage the raid takes from using the same strategy could be overwhelming. It’s quite likely, that a favored strat for Mythic will be to explode 2-3 Ichors regularly to control the AoE the Healers have to deal with.

Nightmare Horror

The first type of ad that will defend the Eye, are called Nightmare Horrors and they have two abilities.

Eye of Fate


Nightmare Horrors will fire a laser in front of them. If it hits anyone, it will deal 1,193,485 Shadow damage and increase damage taken from Eye of Fate by 20% for 29 seconds. The damage taken increase stacks.


On Heroic difficulty, the Eye of Fate will deal 2,896,048 Shadow damage and increase their damage done by 50%.


If you thought that the damage increase on Heroic was steep, wait for the Mythic version. Now, the ability will deal 2,558,770 Shadow damage and increase damage taken from subsequent Eyes of Fate by 100%.

You should deal with this ability by having a tank take aggro, turn it away from the raid, kiting it a little bit if needed due to its next ability, Seeping Corruption, which periodically creates pools of Nightmare Corruption under them while alive. Also, you will need to switch ads between tanks after one of them gets hit by Eye of Fate, because a tank can’t really take 5 million damage without dying. The DPS should try and bring the Horror down. Take note that a Nightmare Ichor will spawn after you do.

Deathglare Tentacle

The second type of ad, spawned by Il’Gynoth, is quite simple. It’s a tentacle that spams Mind Flay.


On Normal difficulty, Mind Flay is channeled for 8 seconds, dealing 238,819 Shadow damage every 2 seconds.


The Mind Flay damage becomes a little bit higher but nowhere near impossible to deal with, at 334,480 every 2 seconds for 8 seconds.


Now that’s where it gets out of hand a little bit, going up to 1,026,245 Shadow damage every 2 seconds.

While you could just tank the thing on Normal and Heroic, doing so on Mythic will simply either require a lot of focus from the Healer to heal through 4 million damage in 8 seconds, or EVERYONE could just try and interrupt the Mind Flays. In Mythic, it’s SUPPOSED to be interrupted, you might as well get into the habit of doing it on Normal and Heroic as well.

Corruptor Tentacle

The third type of ad spawned by Il’gynoth, Corruptor Tentacles use an ability called Spew Corruption.

Spew Corruption


The tentacles barf corrupted goo on players, dealing 314,451 Shadow damage and making them create pools of Nightmare Corruption on the ground every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. How do you deal with this? Run away from the rest of the raid, trying to put the blobs of Corruption in decent positions. That’s about it, to be honest. You could also try and overlap it just like on the first boss, to save space.


The ability deals 397,867 Shadow damage up front on Heroic and functions the same otherwise.


On Mythic, the barf hits harder, but not that much, only dealing 587,554 Shadow damage.

Dominator Tentacle

Dominator Tentacles are the second type of ad that needs to be tanked by Tanks. It has three abilities, Ground Slam, Nightmarish Fury, and Rupturing Roar.

Ground Slam


On Normal, Dominator Tentacles slam the ground in the direction of a targeted player, dealing 456,108 Physical damage to all players in a line, knocking them back in the process.


On Heroic, the Ground Slam deals 702,407 Physical damage.


Damage goes up to 1,034,454 Physical.

Nightmarish Fury


Dominator Tentacle’s second ability spams attacks on its target, dealing 1,112,742 Physical every 0.8 seconds for 6 seconds. To survive this, external cooldowns will need to be used. That or massive amounts of Healing.


On Heroic, the Tentacles not only deal 1,246,367 Physical damage, which is a bit more than 130k more, but also increase their Physical damage inflicted by 4% for each tick of Nightmarish Fury. Seriously, guys, kill this thing, as fast as possible. It’s just nasty. Also, switching ads might help.


The effect from Heroic remains on Mythic too, but the ability also ticks for… 2,103,245 Physical damage every 0.8 seconds. COOLDOWNS.

Rupturing Roar

When ignored by the melee, Dominator Tentacles get angry and roar.


On Normal difficulty, it’s not very nasty, only 213,919 Physical damage to everyone.


On Heroic, it’s not overly harsh either, 299,607 Physical damage.


It wouldn’t be Mythic if the damage didn’t pick up massively, reaching 910,057 Physical to everyone. For God’s sake, stay in melee, someone?

Stage 2 – Abilities

Once you explode enough Nightmare Ichors to bring the Eye’s health to 0, you can move on to the Heart Il’gynoth. On Normal, it has 4 abilities.

Dark Reconstitution

First of all, once you kill the Eye, Il’gynoth starts channeling this ability, once it finishes, he kills everyone who’s still in the Heart area and the Eye grows back. That is the same on all difficulties.

Cursed Blood


Cursed Blood is a debuff, which ticks for 209,725 Shadow damage every 2 seconds for 8 seconds. Once it expires, the targets will blow up, dealing 958,744 Shadow damage to everyone within 11 yards of themselves. Obviously, if you get Cursed Blood, you should break away from the main group until it expires.

Weirdly enough, it seems as if the ability functions exactly the same in higher difficulties, down to the damage numbers. I remain doubtful about that, I expect that it’s reasonable to assume that the explosion will hit harder, while the DoT will be stronger on Heroic and Mythic.


In case you haven’t taken care of all the ads before entering the Heart, any Nightmare Ichors you left alive will accept your invitation to come in. Once they get absorbed by the Heart, the resulting explosion will deal 223,692 Shadow damage on Normal, 718,459 on Heroic, and 970,129 on Mythic to all players.

Final Torpor

On Normal and Heroic, this is the last ability of this Stage. It literally says, “After growing tired of battle, Il’gynoth will gather the energies of the Nightmare to burn out the minds of any living thing in the area, instantly killing it. This could mean two different things. Either it’s a hard enrage or simply what the wipe of anyone who’s within the Heart when the boss finishes casting Dark Reconstitution is called. I am leaning towards the second option.

Violent Bloodburst – MYTHIC ONLY

On Mythic difficulty, corruption will pool around the boss making it less roomy inside the heart.

Shriveled Eyestalk – MYTHIC ONLY

Also, there will be ads that cast Mind Flay, which ticks 1,213,410 Shadow damage every 2 seconds for 8 seconds. It remains to be seen whether it can be interrupted like it could be outside or not.

Stage 1 – Strategy

It should be quite clear from the abilities, because the strategy for this fight is actually quite simple. When you get Spew Corruption, you move out. If you’re the tank, you need to switch between Nightmare Horror and Dominator Tentacle when needed, meaning, after Eye of Fate and Nightmarish Fury, DPS, Tanks, and Healers (if they can) should be interrupting Deathglare Tentacle’s Mind Flay. If you get targeted by Ground Slam, move away from people, make sure it won’t hit anyone else, dodge if possible. Once an ad dies, it spawns a Nightmare Ichor, which fixates on a random player and stacks a debuff on the target by using melee attacks. The healers should be dispelling this debuff when it becomes a problem. Once you have the decided number of Ichors on low health, they  should be kited to the boss and DPS’ed down to make them explode, damaging the Eye. This should not be done in big numbers on Mythic, because the explosion damage will probably one shot you, unless your Healers are gods.

Stage 2 – Strategy

Once the Eye dies, you want to run into the Heart and stack on the boss in Normal or Heroic. From there, simply DPS as hard as you can. If you get Cursed Blood, run out.

On Mythic, you might have to spread out around the room when bad stuff starts appearing under the boss. Also, you will have to either tank through or interrupt Mind Flays from Shriveled Eyestalks. Once Dark Reconstitution is about to finish casting, get the hell out of there or die and repeat what you did in Stage 1.