The Emerald Nightmare – Elerethe Renferal Guide

September 15, 2016 - Esports

The third bossfight to be discussed in our guide series, Elerethe Renferal, is a somewhat chaotic encounter, requiring a lot of movement. Read on to find out more.

Spider Form – Abilities

During the course of the fight, Elerethe will take two forms, Spider or Roc (a kind of bird that populates the World of Warcraft universe). The fight starts with the boss in the Spider form, so that’s what we’re going to talk about first.

Web of Pain


On Normal, Elerethe will connect two targets with a web, which will link the two player’s health pools together. When you take damage, the target linked to you will also take 100% of the damage. If you stand further than 20 yards apart, this damage will be increased.


While Web of Pain works the same on Heroic as it does on Normal, it will gain an additional feature on Mythic. It will be called Pain Lash. All it does is deal 595,475 Nature damage and knock back anyone who runs through the Web of Pain link.

While it seems simple, it will require some coordination when dealing with fight mechanics, not only from the players linked, but the rest of the raid as well.

Feeding Time – Vile Ambush


Elerethe goes up and summons Venomous Spiderlings (we will talk about those later), waiting to cast Vile Ambush. When she casts Vile Ambush, a green targeting circle will appear, similar to Odyn’s Radiant Tempest. You will have some time to get as far away as possible, before the boss comes down, dealing 3,618,462 Physical damage to everyone and knocking them back, assuming they’re still alive. The farther you are from the place where the boss drops, the less damage you will take.


On Heroic, the ability functions in the same way, however, the damage is increased to 5,067,875 Physical damage.


The only difference on Mythic is that Vile Ambush deals 5,777,377 Physical damage.

Necrotic Venom


When Elerethe uses Necrotic Venom, she throws some poison at random enemies, dealing 152,036 Nature damage every second and placing a debuff on them, which deals 50,678 Nature damage to nearby allies with each tick. Also, a pool of bad stuff appears with each tick. Prior to the application of Necrotic Venom, you will gain a green circle around you. That’s your queue to get the hell away from the group, because once it runs out in 10 seconds, Necrotic Venom will start.


On Heroic, the DoT ticks for 197,647 Nature damage on you and 70,950 on nearby allies.


267,583 on you, 95,783 on nearby allies.

MYTHIC ONLY – Tangled Webs

This ability is used on the first platform, the one where you start fighting her in the beginning. Once she goes up, Elerethe screws over the raid by covering the ground with webs. When you stay on it for longer than 2 seconds, additional Venomous Spiderlings spawn. This web lasts 1.3 minutes. You have to use mass movement increasing abilities and move quickly out of them as well as the Vile Ambush zone and deal with the additional spiders, which might spawn.

MYTHIC ONLY – Nightmare Spawn

This ability is used on the third platform. Elerthe keeps summoning egg sacs around her. They mature over time, popping during Vile Ambush. Venomous Spiderlings come out of each of them.

Speaking of Venomous Spiderlings

Venomous Spiderlings


The ads, summoned during Feeding Time, have a couple of abilities. The first, Dripping Fangs, is a DoT, which ticks for 5,068 Nature damage every second. Each spiderling applies it, it stacks. If the ads stay up too long, the damage from the ticks of this DoT could reach humongous levels. Venomous Spiderlings can also spawn Venomous Pools, which tick for 93,888 Nature damage every second if you stand in them.


The abilities are the same, only Dripping Fangs tick for 15,254 damage and Venomous Pools is weirdly unchanged.


Dripping Fangs tick for 20,576 Nature damage, Venomous Pools are unchanged, but a new ability, called Swarm, appears. Its effect is that Elerethe becomes stronger, gaining a 25% buff to her attack speed and damage done when the spiderlings are close.

Roc Form – Abilities

Once Elerethe reaches 100 Energy, she will transform into a Roc, gain a bunch of new abilities and move to a different platform during the course of the fight.

Gathering Clouds


The boss pelts everyone with quills, dealing 253,394 Physical damage every second and pushes everyone back.

That’s where eggs, spattered around the edges of the platform come in. if you disturb them, they will break, releasing a bunch of Skittering Spiderlings.


The ability deals 355,258 Physical every second, Spiderlings function the same.


The quills hit for 484,489 on Mythic, Spiderlings are no different.

Twisting Shadows


After Gathering Clouds are done, Elerethe is ready to take off to the next platform. She puts a debuff, called Twisting Shadows, on random targets (it might be possible that Twisting Shadows is applied before Gathering Clouds is used), which allows the targeted players to run through Venomous Pools to reduce them, a la light and green stuff on Cordana in Vault of the Wardens for 10 seconds, after which, purple tornadoes will appear. Those will pull in people if they are too close and deal 101,357 Shadow damage every second for 4 seconds, throwing them out in a random direction afterwards. It appears that the tornadoes function the same in Heroic and Mythic difficulties as well.

Dark Storm


When Elerethe takes off to fly to another platform, he starts using an ability called Dark Storm. In the beginning, it ticks for 29,393 Shadow damage every second, but it increases by 5% for every second you spend being affected by it. The only way to drop is to pass onto the next platform, which is called the “Eye of the Storm”. The transition is made more difficult because of purple tornadoes, patrolling the route you must take to transition to the next platform.


The starts off ticking for 49,665 Shadow damage.


The damage starts from 76,018 Shadow damage.

Shimmering Feather

When the boss takes off, he will drop several Shimmering Feathers. If you use one, you will be able to jump much higher than normal and instantly kill spiderlings by leaping on them. The best people to use Shimmering Feathers are probably the tanks and some number of Healers, to allow them to start tanking the boss as soon as possible. Several Healers should go the normal route with the DPS to heal them up from Dark Storm.

Razor Wing


Once Elerethe lands, he will use a couple of abilities we haven’t seen before. Razor Wing is a frontal cone attack, which deals 615,764 Shadow damage. Unless you’re the tank, you should be getting hit by this ability.


The damage of the ability gets buffed to 862,045 Shadow damage in Heroic.


On Mythic, Razor Wing suddenly becomes something you MUST mitigate somehow, with the damage jumping up to 3,192,761 Shadow damage.

Raking Talons


In addition to Razor Wing, the boss will use Raking Talons. This ability deals 1,449,412 Shadow damage and increase damage taken from CONSECUTIVE Raking Talons by 100% per stack. The ability is used numerous times in rapid succession, meaning that the tanks will need to switch off after each time one of them takes the damage, while Healers will have to spam heals like crazy to get them ready to take the next cast.


The damage gets buffed to 2,027,150.


2,741,720 Shadow damage per cast, increasing the damage of consecutive Raking Talons by 200%, making it impossible to survive 2 in a row, more or less.

MYTHIC ONLY – Violent Winds

Elerethe will channel the wind at her target, pushing them away and ticking for 228,054 Shadow damage every second, while also applying Wind Burn, which increases damage taken from Violent Winds by 12% per stack. This ability will probably be a death sentence if the Tank takes it alone. Some number of raid members will have to run in front of the boss, to take the brunt out of the ability by soaking some of it, because the strength of the push back and amount of stacks of Wind Burn applied to the tank decreases in proportion to the number of players affected by this ability. This ability is only used on the second platform, obviously.

Strategy – Spider Form – Platform 1

Normal and Heroic

Basically, players connected by Web of Pain will stay within 20 yards of each other, once the boss goes up, an offtank will pick up the ads and tank them nearby. Once and if Dripping Fangs stacks become too hard to deal with, the tanks will switch targets, with the main tank going on ads and the offtank taking the boss. Meanwhile, players targeted for Necrotic Venom will have to run out of the party, run as far away from where the boss will land for Vile Ambush, and kill Venomous Spiders.


The boss will used Tangled Webs while in Spider Form on the first platform. Once the boss goes up, use movement increasing abilities to move out of the webbed ground as fast as possible. To ensure maximum free space, start the fight at the edge of one side of the platform, move to the opposite edge once the boss goes up, and come back after it goes up for the second time. Further difficulty is introduced by Web of Pain. The connected players will need to move as one, as close to each other as possible, to avoid touching other raid members with the beam from the ability. Also, tank the Spiderlings away from the boss to avoid it getting a damage and attack speed buff.

Strategy – Roc Form – Platform 1/2

Once the boss turns into a Roc, Twisting Shadow targets have to soak up as much of the green stuff as they can in 10 seconds. When the boss starts using Gathering Clouds, the raid will take some damage Healers will have to heal through, but the problem is that they will be pushed back continuously. The best way to deal with this is to stack the raid against a wall. The strategy isn’t without its faults, however, as if someone disturbs eggs, additional ads will burst forth. There might be a safe nook. It needs to be tested. Once Gather Clouds is done, Tanks and some if not all Healers should take Shimmering Feathers and hurry to the next platform, while the DPS do the same using the long way, trying to to get caught by the purple tornadoes. Once everyone makes their way to the next platform, the boss will use Twisting Shadow, Raking Talons, and Razor Wing. Just place tornadoes from Twisting Shadow away from the raid, stack some players on the tank to help soak Raking Talons, and face Elerethe away from the raid for Razor Wing. There are reports that Razor Wing is cast just after the second time Elerethe uses Raking Talons.

Once the boss reaches 100 Energy, it will turn into a Spider once again, but stay on the same platform because Spiders aren’t known for their aerial abilities. The Spider Form fight will go the same way it did on the first Platform. Once the boss gets 100 energy, it will turn itself into a Roc once again, the transition will go just as it did on Platform 1.


On Mythic, the second Platform is the one where the boss gains Violent Winds, which have to be soaked by some of the players in order to help out the tank. The Spider Form part will go the same as it did on Platform 1, minus Tangled Webs. The transition between Spider and Roc will go the same way it did before.

Strategy – Spider Form – Platform 2/3

As mentioned above, the whole transition from Spider to Roc will go the same as it did on Platform 1. The boss will fly over to the last platform, you will fight it as a bird, it will turn into a Spider once it reaches 100 energy. On Normal and Heroic, there won’t be anything different, however, the Roc part of the fight won’t have the Violent Winds ability, while the Spider part will utilise Nightmare Spawn instead of Tangled Webs. There will be growing egg sacs all around the area. If they aren’t popped manually, they will all burst at the same time when Elerethe uses Vile Ambush. If you don’t think you can deal with them all at once, you might want to consider popping them in a controlled manner as the fight goes on, to reduce their impact during Vile Ambush.