The Best in the Preseason – Top

December 2, 2016 - Esports

Finally reaching the end of our series on the best champions to train in the preseason to be ready for when the Ranked season starts, we will not talk about the Top Lane. Due to the fact that Courage of the Colossus is ridonculous and being able to engage is extremely OP in Solo Queue, all four champions we recommend to play are tanks. That doesn’t mean that they can’t body fools, however.


Now longer called Groot in my head due to that title being taken by Ivern, Maokai is probably the best tank in the game right now. His laning phase is not the best thing in the world, you will probably not be the one to bully people from the first moment the first waves of minions meet, you might have to even farm under tower against lane bullies like Jayce, however, once you farm up and get some items, the utility and durability you give your team is mind-blowing.

An assassin is diving your back line? Get to him, root him in place, kill him. People are dancing around in the Mid Lane, clearing waves and measuring their ePeens? Turn on ult, dive forward and start the fight. In solo queue, unless one team is much more fed than the other, the side that engages first usually wins. If people actually were able to peel and kite back, that might go differently, however, as it stands now… Yeah.


Imagine that, Poppy is here. Not that weird, huh? This yordle has a knock up and a stun, making it very good with Courage of the Colossus. It also has her own shield. Building tank, you will become a very hard to deal with in the mid game. Even though you will be building tank with Iceborn Gauntlet, you should still be able to duel enemy carries, especially their AD. People who play stuff like Riven or Yasuo in the Top Lane give nothing besides damage to the team. When you get some armor, you can start controlling them on a tank. If you manage to get them handled, the game will turn into a 5v4, essentially.


First of all, no, we’re not talking about the fun and extremely strong full AP E max Nasus we discussed before. While the build we’re talking about still maxes Spirit Fire first, the items are practically full tank, with Zz’Rot Portal, Iceborn Gauntlet and a mix of Magic Resist and Armor after that.

In the early game, the Spirit Fire max will allow you to avoid getting zoned off of your minion wave and having your lane frozen in front of the enemy tower because you will be able to push out effectively from range, while also being able to harass. The Zz’Rot rush also helps push out while giving you tankiness. Once E has 5 ranks, you should max Q and start farming dem stacks, split pushing for most of the game. Just for the love of everything that is good, hold your Teleport for coming to your team from the side lane in case they need it, don’t waste it to TP to an empty lane for some farm. While that is okay after the first back, it is NOT in the late game. Without the threat of a farmed and tanky Nasus Teleporting behind them and wrecking their backline, the enemy team will be able to engage on your four teammates with impunity as five. A final note on split pushing — be very careful when your teammates don’t have pressure in some other lane. If you go too deep in such a situation, the whole enemy team will simply collapse on your canine head.


Nautilus is a strong contender for the title of “Best Tank” together with Maokai and Poppy. It too has great base damage, making you capable of soloing an AD Carry once you get some items in you, it has an… anchor toss which activates Colossus, it can also press R to get any target on the enemy team, regardless of what he might do to try and get away. Just like Maokai’s W can root an assassin in place, Nautilus’ Ultimate, Depth Charge, can knock and assassin up to be killed for daring to attack your back line. You can also engage with Dread Line, activating colossus for a massive shield, slowing everyone around you and even shield yourself just to be safe.

It is widely thought that Riven, Yasuo, and other carry-style champions are more fun to play in solo queue. That may be true but we’re not concerned with fun in this series. All we care about is climbing the ladder and playing tanks while they are OP is how you do that. Yes. sometimes people simply won’t follow your engages properly and you will die, however, think about it. If you were the one to engage on a tank, chances are that nobody would have picked an engage-capable champ in other lanes. If that was the case, you would have to engage yourself even if you picked Riven, for example. Your teammates wouldn’t have followed in that case too, only you would have died that much faster, not giving them ample opportunities to reconsider. Play tanks, be a lovable player and not a salty Riven main. You won’t regret it.