The Best in the Preseason – Mid

December 1, 2016 - Esports

In order to help you choose some champions to get the practise in before League of Legends Ranked Season 7 starts, we covered the Jungle, ADC, and Support. Now, it’s time for that glorious place where everyone wants to go but finds it hard, the Mid Lane. With the Jungle getting a big boost in impact due to the Jungle update, Mid Lane loses some of it’s importance, however it’s still essential for success to maximize your chances by picking something that fits the meta.


First on our list of Mid Laners to play is Ahri. The female Naruto is one of those champions you can pick into anything and expect to do well if you play the lane right. With two important skillshots, however, Ahri isn’t very easy to play. Fortunately, she has an Ultimate that gives you mobility to get out of bad situations when you miss your Charm or find yourself in front of the front line. On the other hand, if you get ahead, the same Ult can be used to ruthlessly chase someone down.

When ahead, Ahri has a lot of kill pressure on the enemies due to her Assassin-y roots, even if she’s usually played like a Mage nowadays. If you get an advantage, you can kill your opponent over and over again while they can’t really do anything because of your Charm. If you get behind, she can also farm well under her turret while also avoiding getting dove with Ult and the same Charm.

Another strength Ahri has is her roams. With good wave clear, she can just push out Mid and use her Ult and Charm to snowball other lanes, which is extremely important in Solo Queue. If you get ahead as a Mid Laner and just keep farming in Mid, at least take the tower as fast as possible. THEN roam around while also picking up the wave Mid to keep up with farm.


Another champion which is okay against most opponents, Lux is quite safe with her long range and a shield, as well as a bind to stop the Jungler in his tracks. Different from Ahri, Lux is a more stationary champion, tho she still can put some pressure on the side lanes with her Ultimate. Her wave clear is also better, so she should have an easier time making a full roam work.

The most important thing about playing Lux is being mindful of your positioning. Always remember that you’re, frankly, immobile as fuck and squishy. Yes, you can just oneshot a squishy if you land a bind and unload your E and Ult, however, that doesn’t make you immune to people running at you and making you dead.


When the new LeBlanc was released, long time LB mains were quite annoyed because the champion was a little bit different. Still strong, but different. Now, the trickster nature of LeBlanc is ever stronger. You have to mindgame your opponent more, you can’t just got to the opponent, land the damage and immediately get out before he can respond. You can actually be outplayed now. If played right, however, LeBlanc might actually be stronger than it’s been before.


While the fish from hell still has a somewhat rough early game, at least he can farm better under turret with his new W. If you take too much harass without fighting back, you will still have a bad time, however, just like in the past, when Fizz became a terror once he got an item or two, Fizz’s damage is ridonculous.the new Ult doesn’t make it any better. For your opponents that is. Basically, Fizz got a somewhat better laning phase and more AP scaling, making it stronger than it was last season. If you can master this champion, you will be able to do some really ridiculous things next season.