Tempo Storm Roster Bought By Immortals

June 2, 2016 - Esports

The Immortals organization, known for its League of Legends roster, which went on a winning spree during the Spring Split of the NA LCS, expanded into Counter Strike: Global Offensive, when they bought the Tempo Storm CS:GO roster.

The owner of Tempo Storm, Andrey Yanyuk, during his interview with Travis Gafford for Yahoo! eSports, said that the main reason for selling the roster was a huge faux pas that happened almost a year ago, when Mr. Yanyuk hung up a Skype call with one of the organizers of the eLeague. At the time, Andrey had no inkling that eLeague was going to happen. Once the eLeague was announced, Tempo Storm acquired a CS:GO roster and tried to get it into the eLeague. All calls were ignored by the gatekeepers of the league. It appeared as if Tempo Storm was the team equivalent of personna non grata, due to the faux pas of its owner several months before.

Everything came to a head when the rumour of Tempo Storm being offered to joing eLeague and the owner refusing, rumbled through the community. Players, competing under the Tempo Storm banner were understandably pissed at their owner.

This, together with the SK Gaming vs. Luminosity controversy, which was known to be brewing by insiders privy to behind the scenes information before the news broke after the ESPN article, were the biggest reasons for the roster’s change in employer. Apparently, it was thought that once the news about the SK – LG scandal broke, the PR hit to SK’s reputation would be so great, that the eLeague would be forced to remove the team. It would then have to be replaced with another organization. With Tempo Storm being black-listed, Immortals was the only option remaining.

This led to the owners of Immortals and Tempo Storm starting negotiations for the roster, which quickly succeeded. Even though SK Gaming is going to stay in the eLeague, There is no hope that the new Immortals roster will appear at eLeague, however, there’s nothing stopping the new team to participate in the next season. In fact, Andrey Yanyuk managed to sort things out with the leaders of the televised league as well, so, if he manages to scrounge up a good enough roster, the new incarnation of Tempo Storm might even face off against their now-Immortals predecessors.