Team Liquid Sign GH

January 3, 2017 - Esports

With the next Dota 2 Major, this time taking place in Kiev, coming up, Dota 2 teams are starting to try and get their ducks in a row to hopefully win the whole thing. While some teams, like OG, elected to keep their roster following Boston Major success, validating their roster overhaul, others, like Team Liquid, are making changes to hopefully stand a better chance in Kiev Major, which will start in the capital city of Ukraine, on the 20th of April. Liquid isn’t making any hugely impactful changes, overhauling their whole roster, however.

Playing as a Support, Maroun “GH” Merhej is going to replace Kanishka “BuLba” Sosale. In an official statement announcing the roster change, GH said:

“I would like to thank KuroKy for taking a chance on me and offering me the chance to join Team Liquid. I am grateful for this opportunity, and I will be playing the support role along with KuroKy. I am looking forward to this journey and I honestly do not know what to expect. I hold great admiration for my teammates and I am positive that with their experience and skill level we will achieve great results.

As a newcomer, I will try my absolute best to bring my A-game. I am certain this decision will make for a great experience, and I will help us grow as individuals and as team. I am excited and hyped to be part of this organisation and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us."

– Maroun "GH" Merhej

Despite being new to the team, GH has already had some success with his new team, Winning DreamLeague Season 6 at the end of November, playing as a stand in. With decent results, it seems that Liquid decided to make his spot on the team permanent. In the announcement, the coach of the team said:

"Great teams are built from a combination of talent and teamwork. GH has undoubtedly shown already that he is an extraordinary player. I'm excited and optimistic about working with GH to build the best team in the world. He has a great attitude as well as the motivation to help bring the team to new heights."

– Seung Gon "Heen" Lee

Hopefully, GH can prove himself to be the right choice for Team Liquid, ensuring that the team can actually continue on their upwards trend following The International 6, where they placed in 7-8th place, despite a 2nd place finish at the Manila Major.