Team Liquid drops adreN, s1mple to come back for ECS and ESL Cologne

June 8, 2016 - Esports

After s1mple left the Team Liquid squad in April, he was replaced by adreN. The team had a great slump in performance, getting swept in Week 1 of eLeague and losing to Luminosity in the playoffs, despite the team placing 3rd-4th at MLG Columbus. Obviously, the loss of s1mple was a huge loss for the team, weakening it considerably.

The player himself, however, was quite happy, as he found it quite hard to play in America with his family, friends, and girlfriend back in Ukraine. Keeping that in mind, it’s no wonder that he left. It turned out to be a good thing too, because s1mple was still able to play high-level CS:GO.

He joined Worst Players once again, placing 5th-6th in the StarLadder i-League Invitational, where the team defeated SK Gaming. The player himself claims that he’s serious about the team, hoping to get Johnta to coach them and to reach the highest level possible, according to

Whatever the case may be, Team Liquid is still paying s1mple’s salary, so when the squad calls him up, the player is still obligated to play. This is probably what happened in this case. Team Liquid let s1mple go due to friction in the team and his homesickness, however, ECS Finals and Cologne Major are serious business. After seeing that the team won’t be able to place highly with their current lineup, the Liquid org put their foot down and asked s1mple to play for them once again. This is NOT a total comeback, however. S1mple points out that he is only coming back for two tournaments.

Its my last 2 tournaments for Liquid : ECS and ESL Cologne
Thats all.

— Oleksandr Kostyliev (@s1mpleO) June 6, 2016

He goes on to point out that he actually won’t be travelling to America, because the team is going to bootcamp in the Netherlands before ECS, which will take place in London, followed by a bootcamp in the Netherlands once again, and ESL One Cologne.


Im not going in America
My road for next month Netherlands (bootcamp) > ECS Season 1 ( London)> Netherlands (bc) > ESL Cologne

— Oleksandr Kostyliev (@s1mpleO) June 6, 2016